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Jul 25, 2010 01:16 PM

Peeled Asparagus?

I have a recipe from Food and Wine that calls for a pound of asparagus, peeled.
I have never come across a recipe that call for peeling asparagus.
Do they mean the bottom part below where the greener sprouted part starts?

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  1. I always peel my asparagus...the bottom part after I decide where to cut it off (no I don't snap...too much waste in my opinion)...then I use my veggie peeler and peel each stalk...makes for much better eating in my opinion and my mother always did it so it's what I'm used to...

    1. I can't be bothered to peel asparagus, just trim, cook and eat.

      1. I would offer the opposite view! IMHO life's too short to peel asparagus as long as you get rid of the tough bit of each stalk. That doesn't help much as you've now got one answer on each side of your question! I'm sure some others will tip the balance one way or the other.

        1. Yes, when asparagus are peeled, means just the bottom couple of inches at the most. Fresh asparagus is expensive enough that we almost always trim off the bottom part that's real tough and not green then peel. If the asparagus is real thin, then we just trim it to where it's tender because it would be too difficult to peel. If you're preparing less than a pound of asparagus it doesn't take too long to peel and you throw away less of it. If you're preparing a lot, then just trim it.

          1. Thanks everyone! There is a marinade involved-- maybe peeling helps absorb the flavors? I think i'll try the peeling just to try something new. I have always just trimmed it in the past.