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Jul 25, 2010 11:19 AM

Barbeque in Banner Elk

Last year the opinions on this Board were negative towards Pappy's. So we skipped Pappy's. This year our hosts insisted we try it. Well, either something changed in a year or I disagree with previous posters. We did take out. The Brisket was rated great by all 4 of us, the pulled pork, comes devoid of sauce so you can make it into E or W Carolina style, was rated as good, and a smoked half chicken was liked by everyone but me. As for sides, the collards were great as were the baked beans. Hush puppies were rated highly by some and lowly by others. The cost was around $40 and we had left overs. I liked Pappy's; I hope you do as well.

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  1. wow i am surprised that pappy's is finally reopened. i went there once back in like 2003 and the entire time i was in college it was undergoing renovations. their hush puppies was really good from what i remember and so were the corn fritters/nuggets back then. too bad i live at the eastern end of the state now and won't be going up 221 to go to boone anymore if i visit.

    1. We ate there this week. While I prefer my BBQ with a rub, all the meats (pork, chicky, brisket) were really tender. Maybe not the best of the best, but definitely worth the trip.

      1. It's not NC barbeque, but Bayou Smokehouse in Banner Elk has really good Texas style smoked beef brisket, also ribs and smoked sausage. Had their smoked prime rib on a Saturday night - awesome. For NC barbeque, I have heard that the place in Newland is good (called Carolina?), but I haven't made it over there yet. And also Bandana's in Boone is another good choice.

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          The place in Newland is pretty good. Do not blink or you will miss it. I'd pass on Bandana's personally.