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Jul 25, 2010 10:46 AM

O-bon at 1 pm today at Ginza Bazaar

Did anyone go to the Ginza Bazaar at The Buddhist Church of San Francisco yesterday?
The festival continues today from 11 am to 7 pm with food booths for teriyaki chicken, sushi, udon, BBQ ribs, curry and homemade baked goods at 1881 Pine Street. - with the Tea Salon at Stuart Hall High School from noon to 5 pm
O-bon dancing on Octavia Street is 1 to 3 pm today .

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  1. Free green tea on the communal tables; tea service sets in the Tea Salon, and I came home with Spam Musubi in my bag. The DH liked the sweet chicken teriyaki ... everyone else was noshing on hot cups of udon and plates of curry rice or $1 hot dogs.

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      Thanks for the report, Cynsa! I had to miss this one, but I made it to Obon in Alameda last night and in San Jose and Mountain View on previous weekends. Next weekend, the Buddhist Church of Oakland will have theirs on Saturday -- the curry rice and udon there are first-rate, I'm always too full to get the teriyaki meats they're cooking outdoors but the smells are fantastic. The Palo Alto Buddhist Temple has a two-day festival on Saturday and Sunday, with Bon dancing only on Sunday. Lots of food there too -- short ribs, udon, chicken salad, corn, and strawberry shortcake are all good, and go to the bake sale room early if you want to get the manju with lima bean filling.

    2. i believe oaktown's buddhist church had their obon festival this weekend as well. their obon dancing is usually on saturday evening. seldom go anymores. tire of looking for parking.....