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Jul 25, 2010 10:17 AM

Thanksgiving in DC

My family and I are coming to DC for a 'non traditional' Thanksgiving this year. We plan to stay in Old Town Alexandria and are now hunting for a restaurant that serves a more traditional Thanksgiving dinner. A country, homey feel is our goal. Any suggestions from the local experts?


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  1. is the link to a post of mine about L'Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls. Along with 1789 in Georgetown these are the two primary destinations in the D. C. area for dining out on Thanksgiving. If your goal is "a country, homey feel" that is especially welcoming then either will do very well.

    1. Tabard Inn, which is near Dupont Circle in DC, has the atmosphere and tradition you seek. It's accessible from Old Town via metro, not at all difficult. It is really a very old inn that has a roaring fire in the winter. As for a reservation in one of the upstairs rooms for a more quiet experience, as the downstairs main dining room can get loud.

      Tabard Inn
      1739 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036

      1. Here is last year's response on the topic from the food chat with Tom Seitsema, the Washington Post's critic:

        "Chagrin Falls, Ohio: Hi Tom, We are meeting our son in D.C. for Thanksgiving. Do you know restaurants that are serving on the holiday? I want three stars if possible.

        Tom Sietsema: Among the many places that will be serving turkey and trimmings on Nov. 26 -- and perform well during the rest of the year -- are Adour, Corduroy, Bourbon Steak, Oval Room, Cafe du Parc, Vidalia and the new Kellari Taverna, previewed in today's First Bite column in the Food section."

        Personally, I ordered a turkey, buiscuits, and gravy to supplement my other dishes I was making at home last year from Georgia Brown's because it was very close by, and I would *not* consider going there based on what I picked up. Everything was just really, really dry. As far as Old Town, I'd bet Columbia Firehouse would do a great Thanksgiving, but I don't know if they actually do that. You could give them a call? Their dining room atmosphere is beautiful but unpretentious - it kind of reminds me of a chalet.

        1. We had Thanksgiving dinner last year at 1789 in Georgetown. It fits the description of what you are looking for. The food, service, and ambiance of the restaurant were all very good. I wouldn't hesitate to return for Thanksgiving.

          1. 1789, for sure! Great food, great ambiance. L'Auberge is a mere shadow of its former self, IMO.