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Restaurant Supply Stores in London?

I will be traveling to London for a trip soon and I need cheap cooking supplies. A friend recommended checking out a restaurant supply store , but I haven't found one online that's open to the public.

Any suggestions? I'm staying in the Putney area but am willing to travel.

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  1. Try Pages on Shaftsbury Ave in Central London. Otherwise if you are willing to travel a little further, Lakeland stores are excellent

    1. Might be helpful if you could give a clue as to what you're after.

      Whilst I'd echo the recc for Lakeland as a supplier of good kitchen equipment, they are not a restaurant supplier stocking catering type kit.

      1. You can always check out the Lakeland catalogue online, and if you're staying with a friend or know someone in London, the things can be shipped there. Lakeland isn't 'cheap,' but they do have a huge array of things.

        1. Dentons. Very close to Clapham North tube station. Perfectly ok for non-trade customers to spend money! The shop was a bit chaotic on my last visit, but it's a great place. They have recently improved their website:


          Prices may be subject to tax.

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            Robin, did you make it to Dentons? My daughter lives in London and we may need to help her stock her kitchen on our next visit. Denton's looked like the ticket, with SS clad alum base cookware, Forschner/Victorinox fibrox knives, etc. How about Page's?

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              Dentons is pretty good. I live quite near so pop in for bits and pieces regularly.

              The other day I bought a dough scraper there for 31p. 31p! I know it's not exactly a hard item to make, but I can't remember the last time I bought a manufactured good for a price like that. (And I bet in a department store it would be endorsed by a celebrity chef and cost a few pounds!)

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                I haven't actually been there for some time now. I don't think my wife would get the joke if I bought any more kitchen equipment!

                One single place may not have all you need for your purpose, so you might want to try John Lewis department store:


                Stores near Oxford Circus tube and Sloane Square tube (Sloane Sq. store actually trade named Peter Jones)

            2. Thanks for the tips! I've got Pages and Dentons on my list as they are both more easily accessible.

              1. Also on Shaftesbury Avenue (west sideof Charing Cross Road, Pages is on the east side) is Leon Jaeggi.

                1. There are two great places on Westbourne Grove - Kitchen Ideas at 70 Westbourne Grove and another similar one a few doors down. Great, cheap basics but definitely more geared toward the home kitchen than catering.

                    1. I know you want stores, but what about the Nisbets catalogue? No need to travel all over London.


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                        Ah, I was going to suggest Nisbets too.. Got my Magimix from them last year :)

                      2. Ok I have a simple cookery supply question. I have been looking for a simple heavy duty roasting tin for what seems like forever. One which can be bashed about, used on the stove, abused etc. The type professional kitchens usually have. I don't want non-stick or anything fancy. Where can you get these?? Seriously I've been looking forever and all I ever find a flimsy stainless steel ones or non-stick.

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                          Have you tried Robins suggestion of John Lewis?

                          Or Robins suggestion of Denton's?

                          Or pj26's suggestion of Pages:

                          Like a lot of these I expect you do get what you pay for with the less expensive ones prone to hot spots and buckling.

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                            Yes I have seen ones like those listed. My concern is, as you said, the lower priced ones being unsuitable or even useless on the stove. The Le Creuset one does seem a certain winner, but over £100 for a roasting tin?! Unless I'm sure its going to last forever and I'll love it to death, I can't justify that. This seems the most likely winner to me:


                            I'm just surprised this isn't a more commonly discussed problem for people. What I was really praying for is for someone to come in and say, I had the same dilemma, this is the one you have to get...

                            I might take a cheeky punt on a £10-30 tray somewhere out there.

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                              Have you looked at what Lakeland offers? They have some very good cooking equipment, plus they deliver or have stores in nearby suburbs if you fancy a tour of Guildford or Kingston. :-) I once bought a roasting tin with rack at TK Maxx. It lasted awhile and did a decent job.

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                              I've got the little John Lewis one (product 18046 in PhilD's above post) almost 4 years and it's holding up fine. Comes out of the dishwasher spotless. Great for sausages or a small bird also do bakes (cauliflower cheese/mac n cheese/dauphinoise) in it.

                              Pages is great - have bought lots of things there over the years. Also like Leon Jaeggi - if you're in town they are both close to Cambridge Circus (walkable from Tott Ct Road/Picc Circus/Leicester Sq/Covent Gdn tubes).

                              Re the OP's question I would just go to Ikea! The restaurant supply places are not the cheapest option. If you're near to a street market there's that shopping option too (Ridley Rd Dalston/Chapel Market Islington/Walthamstow High Street - there are many more but those are the three I know well). If you do make it up to Walthamstow there's World of Catering on Lea Bridge Rd http://www.worldofcatering.co.uk/shop... also another place I don't know the name of on Leyton High Rd but they had a lot of nice stuff well priced

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                              I have about half a dozen Mermaid tins:



                              I personally prefer the plain aluminium to the more widely stocked hard anodised, but they're both excellent, and good value.

                              1. re: Robin Joy

                                Also try nisbets.co.uk

                                I would have to say Le creuset would be worth the investment - it will last you a lifetime. You know what they say - buy cheap buy twice!

                                1. re: pj26

                                  Stupidly, I've decided to buy twice! But I'm ok with that. Might eye up what exactly I want before investing big.

                            4. Thanks everyone for your help. I've bottled any big decision and am going for a £10 one from Dentons, here:


                              Just thought, what's the worst that could happen? And it'll give me time to plan a replacement (or supplement) should it come to it. Might even save up for that Le Creuset. Also wanted to get all sorts from Dentons - a piping bag, a silicone mat, a madeleine pan and a silicone scraper for....wait for it...34p!!!

                              Always too tempted to get a dessert at St John I never have the appetite for their amazing madeleines. Now I'm just gonna bloody make them at home.