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Jul 25, 2010 09:04 AM

Where is the love for Macuucis in portland??

I was in the Portland area for the past few weeks and did alot of visits to breweries, bakeries and quick service meals. I tried many of the well mentioned one one the boards and was very pleased. While visiting Two Fat Cats i decided to drop in to Macuccis to have a look around. Best thing I did! The pizza in the back that everyone is waiting in line about 20 minutes for is awesome! I am surprised to not hear more talk of it on chowhound. I have a feeling people are trying to keep this secret to themselves as to not increase the wait time in line. 1 "slab" square (good for 2 children or 1 adult ) goes for about $4.50. also they make incredible rolls that when they come out hot you need to sprinkle the parm cheese on that they leave on the counter and you have a great snack! Sorry folks the secret is out!

Two Fat Cats
47 India St, D Portland, ME

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  1. You must mean Muccis. Muccis has been in Portland for a hundred years. Anyone in the now knows to shop there for pasta, cheeses, olives, wine, inported tomatoes. etc, etc....
    Try shopping on a Saturday morning- it is packed. The pizza and cannolis that Stephen Lanzalotta bakes are wonderful. He has been there for about a year after closing his own shop. Everyone already knows. Sorry but nice try.

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      Micucci's! But maybe it's better to keep misspelling it. They are also so great at ordering things that they don't normally sell.

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        Micucci's -yes! Thanks for the correction. Didn't have the glasses on.

    2. Trying to drive home with a luna bread from there without ripping it apart and eating it before you get there is nearly impossible. Everything back there is good and it's def not a secret.

      1. It's one of the few things I do miss about not being in portland. I always loved heading over there.

        I do hate to say as well though, that pretty much everyone around there knows about that place.

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          1. I will never get over the day that I'd just had a terrible lunch someplace but was totally sated and walked into Micucci's the second they were taking the pizza out of the oven. Brutal. Did wait to see how long it took to sell out -- 7 minutes. Slow day.

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              I guess I shold get the name right first before I post! That must be the reason that when I searched for some input on it on Chowhound nothing came up. Thanks for clarifying and 3hours away now and would trek up their just for a luna roll and a "slab"

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                You can order the pizza by the box too. keep that in mind. a half sheet is one pizza box and a whole sheet is two pizza boxes full! They do not specialize what slices you get and only make cheese. My office orders from Micuccis for lunch sometimes..