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Jul 25, 2010 08:35 AM

Kosher Meals in Disney World

We have been to Disney for the past 12 years, and every year, the kosher meals have been horrible. We have had meals from Maadan and Webermans. Would you happen to know if Disney has changed their kosher meal supplier. This year, we opted for supermarket foods, due to our past experiences.

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  1. Most food at Disney World is drek.

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    1. It's been a year or two, but the "on demand" meals at certain locations around the park are better than nothing for people like me. I wish Disneyland in CA had such a thing!

      This should help you:

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        For what they are, the Weberman meals are reasonably priced and decent. They allow you to stay in the park until closing and eat dinner without taking lunch and dinner with you.

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          Doesn't Disney in Anaheim have the frozen Mon Cuisines? Marked up ridiculously and you have to reserve it at Blue Lagoon. I haven't been there in years, but they used to have them.

        2. I would not count on it changing. If you are passing through Boca on the way, there is a fairly new kosher market with good take out food. Keep it in a frige at your hotel and backpack sandwiches/salads - put them in the lockers at the entrance to each park. Beats microwaved pizza or burgers, is probably cheaper and if you bring parve, you can enjoy the ice cream! Downside is they are not hot and not getting to eat in theme restaurants but my kids were more interested in rides (actually, if you buy something in the cafe style places, you can eat your own food too - I did that at places and bought drinks, salads (kosher dressings were available), fruit, yogurt, desserts in several park eateries. All I had to bring were PB&J and cheese sandwiches. )

          1. Although I haven't spoken to him lately, I know that Justin from Cohen's deli was trying to apply to be a supplier for disney. According to what I've heard, it takes about 2 years for this process. Another suggestion I have is to write disney with your thoughts.

            1. if you have the time to go the night before, just visit Cohen's deli and ask them to prepare you some wraps or sandwiches to take with you to the parks. their prices are very reasonable, and the waiter mentioned to us that they are an authorized third party food supplier to Universal (we did not talk about Disney). they can also deliver to your hotel but they have fees and minimums. you should call them and ask what they can do for you.
              their place is 20-25 minutes away from Disney.