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Jul 25, 2010 07:24 AM

Any good new restaurants in Tremblant area?

Will be in Tremblant in a few weeks. It will be my third time there. Other than Quintessence and the Asian restaurant near the Westin, I have not been happy with my other dining experiences there. Does anyone know of anything new that has opened off the resort. ALso is it worth the drive to go to Les Zebres in Val-David?

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  1. Try sEb in St. Jovite. I have had some really good meals there, and posted here. Do a search.

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      I had dinner at sEb a few weeks back - it was a very hot evening, and we weren't that hungry, so we stuck with the tapas menu, and enjoyed everything we tried. In particular, their house-made serrano ham was delicious... The dishes from the regular menu, being served at some of the other tables, looked awfully good too (but the portions were quite large!). Service was very good, and the atmosphere on the terrasse was perfect - it's definitely worth checking out, but make sure you reserve, as it's quite busy.

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        Thanks. Will there be anything for my 14 yr old son to eat?

    2. The original comment has been removed