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Left over Rice - out of ideas

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I have a lot of leftover rice that is setting in the fridge. I've been make the the usual stuff that I do with rice which are Fried rice and Jook (asian rice gruel). However, my family is sick of both of these options. It is too hot to make soup, where rice is a component.

I need help with some ideas please. I still have about 10 cups of cooked short grain asian rice.


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    1. You could make arancini (if it's short grain), or rice salad, rice pancakes, cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, use it in soups, or as a burrito filling (with beans), .

      1. I like to take cooked rice and make a sort of risotto with it; make a white sauce, whisk in smoked gouda cheese and the rice and simmer until thickened. I like to oven dry some proscuitto and crumble over the top. Another thing is to make sausage rice balls with warm rice, cooked chorizo or other sausage, herbs & spices, maybe an egg to bind then form into balls and chill for an hour or so. Roll in breadcrumbs; I like panko for crispiness and deep fry.

        1. Salad.
          The dressing is made by whisking together
          lemon juice
          sesame oil,
          Thai fish sauce,
          extra virgin olive oil
          a bit of reduced chicken stock
          Then add:
          cooked rice, about 3-ish cups worth...adjust following ingredients if you have more or less:
          3 mild red chiles seeded and cut into thin strips
          3 scallions thinly sliced
          1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro, leaves only
          1 1/2 T fresh mint, leaves only
          20 arugula leaves
          Toss all this gently, taste and correct seasoning with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, if nec.

          1. Freeze it. I put 1 cup portions in baggies and then use later along with some stir fried or sauteed veggies. Or with some milk, cinnamon, vanilla or maybe strawberry jam as a reasonably health dessert.

            1. Make a deep-fried rice roll.

              Roll out your cold rice onto a sheet of plastic or saran wrap, then decide on the filling.

              You have several options for fillings (both sweet and savory), but I prefer savory with a mix of scrambled eggs, chopped deli-style ham or bacon and some capers.

              After you've put in your choice of fillings, roll the rice into a log (like a sushi roll). Unwrap the saran wrap, then prepare an egg wash and some bread crumbs, and then dip the rice roll in egg wash and then the bread crumbs (personally I prefer Panko mixed with cayenne pepper).

              Then drop it into deep-fryer or pan and fry the the thing. Serve with some ketchup and mustard or Sriracha, or both.

              I know it sounds like a lot of work to use up leftover rice, but it's so damn good you'll find yourself tempted to make "leftover" rice in the future.

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                Oh my, that sounds really, really yummy. As soon as this heat breaks...

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                  Believe it or not it's also good with some Nutella, peanut butter and sliced bananas.

                2. Rice salad is always my stand-by; people are a bit sniffy about it nowadays I think (too 'seventies unsophisticated??) but whenever I take it anywhere it always disappears pretty fast.... IMHO the most important thing is that at least half the quantity is ingredients other than the rice; this stops it being too stodgy. I then stir in: cold cooked peas and sweetcorn kernels, red kidney beans, chopped cucumber and tomatoes. This will be very suitable as it's hot where you are! You can turn it into a full meal by stirring in some flaked tinned salmon - which also continues the retro theme!

                  1. Kind of old school but stuffed bell peppers or cabbage rolls might be an option.
                    These black bean and rice cakes are great too:

                    1. kimbap (korean rice rolls) uses a lot of rice and are good for picnics!