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Jul 25, 2010 06:53 AM

Gift Suggestions

I am heading down to Chicago next week to visit a dear friend. We both grew up in Montreal and have just reconnected after 15 years. I would like to bring her some food/drink items that are available here but not in Chicago. Although Schwartz's smoked meat is something I indulge in when I visit Montreal, she is not a big meat eater. Does anyone have suggestions? The items do not have to be elaborate. One item that brings back memories for her is the pouches of St-Hubert BBQ sauce which she can't find in the windy city.


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  1. My pal based in NYC stocks up on Coffee Crisp and Crispy Crunch chocolate bars as well as Ketchup potato chips when visiting TO....

    1. Smarties! Friends' kids in various US cities love these--parents do too.

      1. Ice Wine is a common gift. Even better is Ice Cider if you can find it (seems to be more available in Quebec).

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          Habitant pea soup? When my parents are in the States (snowbirds) they like to bring the Lipton Chicken Noodle soups (dried) with them. They also take Bonne Maman jam. Neither is exotic, but good comfort foods...
          Maple Syrup is another classic