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Jul 24, 2010 07:16 PM

Has anyone tried Crazy For Cupcakes (

I need 2 dozen cupcakes this week and was going to take the Cocoa Locale route, until I realized that it's closed for the construction holiday. Plan B was Clever Cupcakes - but they are fully booked and cannot fill my order. I was referred to Crazy About Cupcakes (, but cannot seem to find any reviews. Does anyone care to chip in with their 2 cents? As long as it's comparable to either CL or Clever Cupcakes, I'll be a happy camper. Also, what is the best way to store cupcakes to maintain freshness? Airtight container in a fridge? Thank you in advance

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  1. Ahhh it looks like they are closed for the construction holiday as well!! Anyone have any other recommendations for cupcakes, especially ones who deliver?

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    1. re: passthatversace is based in Montreal, not closed right now to my knowledge.

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        Perfect, thanks! Looks like this will be the one!

    2. I tried ShiShi's dulce de leche cupcakes at last year's Cupcake Camp and they were fantastic:

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        Thank you!!! Do you know if they deliver? I tried calling them but they're closed until Tues

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          They were willing to make an exception for me and delivered my order for an extra $10 but this was a few months ago before they opened their shop. The vanilla minis I ordered were a bit dry but the limoncello and tiramisu cupcakes were moist. I'd try them again.

      2. Itsy Bitsy on Notre Dame. Worse case Chocola on Monkland, but only if youre stuck.

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          Just checked out the Itsy Bitsy website, and they are unfortunately closed for the construction holiday as well. I will check out the other tw sources above before succumbing to Chocola ;)

          1. There's also Les Glaceurs in Old Montreal; they do special orders with delivery. I've never ordered any custom stuff from them, but have consistently found their cupcakes to be both beautiful AND tasty (both the icing and the cake taste good, and the icing is not too rich/greasy).