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Jul 24, 2010 07:07 PM

Delightful meal at Wei's Kitchen - Chinese Hole in the Wall in Markham

Thanks to fellow chowhounder skylineR33, who brought to my attention the existence of this tiny Chinese hole in the wall place at First Markham Place, I had a very enjoyable ' Cantonese/Chui Chow home style cooking' dinner this evening.

The place was packed at around 7.00pm with people and parties of 3 or more, lining up inside and out, waiting for tables. The two of us were lucky enough to be seated at the only 'table for two' after a very short wait.

Nothing fancy here, just barren decor, plain good freindly sevice and delicious food. Daily specials and house specialities, written on colourful bristol board strips, were plastered all over the walls. My wife and I ordered the house special ' Grand Emperor Five flavour duck ', 'Stirred fry house-made Chui Chow salt cured pork belly with preserved pickled Chinese cabbage and flowering chives' and 'Braised garoupa steak with Chinese shitake mushrooms and fried tofu in Hot-pot'.

At $12 for half a duck and some sliced marinated tofu, this dish tasted very unique and appertizing, In the palete, it offered a delightful sweet, sour, tangy and salty blend of Chui Chow herbed soya and Chinese preserved plum flavouring. No wonder this dish was found on over half the tables in the restaurants!

The stirred fry dish we ordered was bustling with wok-hay when arrived at the table. This is my reference dish every time I wanted to test out the 'wok-hay' of a Cantonese kitchen. To date, Fantasy Eatery at the Scarborough location held the throne. Sadly, FE just got de-throned by Wei's after the meal.

I'm not a fan of braised dishes presented in hot-pot, so I tasted just a little of this 'feminine' dish. To me, the taste was passable, but my wife just loved it. Sliver of Taiwanese red sausages made the taste quite interesting.

Lastly, complimentary dessert was to my surprise, my favourite 'Mung bean with kombu, aged dried mandarine peel and Chinese sage'. Yummy!

Total bill with tax came to $30. Not bad for some unique tasting and delicious food!

Fantasy Eatery
505 7 Hwy E, Richmond Hill, ON L3T7P6, CA

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  1. Nice review Charles. Glad you also like it. The 'Grand Emperor Five flavour duck ' is such a big dish for $12 ! It's double boiled soup is also pretty home-made and ok for $13 a urn to be shared among 5 people as a starter of the meal !

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    1. re: skylineR33

      They have 'watercress, dry aged duck gizzards and boiling hen' soup tonight. However, the Pig's stomach with black pepper corn and bean curd skin caught my eyes. However, for the two of us, just too much food! My be next time?!

    2. The Five flavour duck's my favorite too. I enjoyed also the savoury rice dumpling (with julienne daikon, minced fish in soup). Very homey. They might be the only resto offering it in gta.

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      1. re: ace123

        Interesting! I'll give the dish a try the next time! Thx, ace123!

        BTW, I wonder how many times myself or skylineR33 bump into you whilst chowing but not realizing it?!