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keurig k cups

I just got a new keurig machine that uses those little k cups ( sure, maybe a fad but my boyfriend really really wanted one) and they are pretty good. We went to a few places to get either variety packs or single cups to try some different blends. The best option we found so far is boutik elektrik , which had a nice variety of individual cups sold so you can mix and match your own box, without charging you more than a box at any other store.

Unfortunately- according to the clerk at boutik elektrik- we have an issue here getting some (75%!!!) of the american brands because of quebec labeling laws that require everything to be in french or at least bi lingual.

Has anyone had any luck finding some interesting varieties in the montreal area? Of course I could go online, which I eventually will, but am looking to get some in the area.


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  1. Hi Humbert,
    I've had my machine for quite a few years now and love it since I am the only one who drinks coffee in our household. Van Houtte really holds the monopoly here in Quebec however I have been to Deco Decouvert and was able to find K-cups from Vermont (Green Mountain Coffee) and also their hot chocolate. You may also want to drop in at Le Panier in Pointe Claire as they carry a few different brands however I find them to be quite pricey.
    Your best bet for choice and variety is going online at Tweed and Hickory. I order all my coffee from them and since it's choice that you are looking for, you won't be disappointed!

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      That's great, thanks. I tried to find your email to write you personally, but I couldn't find it on your info page. We will be trying the deco decouvert shortly. We are 2 who drink coffee so our packs might go a bit quicker than yours. Have a great day.

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        Yeah i've seen them in Deco Decouverte too. Have a look in your weekend public sac, every month you get a 20% off coupon. D.D. can be a tad expensive so i rely on that a lot.

    2. Did your machine come with that metal filter that you can fill yourself? Ours did, it kind of looks like a giant thimble. If you didn't have one, I just wanted to point that option out in case you get in a bind.

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        Yes, we will be getting one soon. I think I just like the idea of looking through the collection of coffees and picking a different one each time...for now. We will get the basket once the hype wears off :oD

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          Just entered my email address.....

      2. I just got a Keurig also and someone told me there is a place in Lachine that sells the K cup coffees for much cheaper than anywhere else but I can't find the name and she doesn't have it...any ideas where?

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          I've seen this place recommended, saying you can mix & match cups at $15.99 for 24 cups. Not quite Lachine, but not too far from it either.


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            thank you kpzoo I suppose this could be the one...

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              DO YOU KNOW IF THE KEURIG has Lattes

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                Actually no they don't. I was told if espresso and cappuccino are important then to go with Tassimo

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              They also have an internet web site with more info: http://www.cafegransasso.com/

          2. Unfortunately I see a post had been deleted so I shall re-post. K Cups seem to be hard to find here...but I did find another place that specializes called Black Berries Foods. They have only K cup coffees and I picked and I chose all the kinds I have found to drink. I have not been to Gran Sasso yet; but i think their prices are about 5 cents difference.

            The caveat to this is that I was also able to buy my farm fresh eggs and some of Rick Bayliss's Frontera Brand Salsas.

            Xing the Mercier was not so bad today

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              I know I am resurrecting an oldish thread here but I have to add my findings after going through a few of the recommendations listed above for individual K-Cups. I hope this helps others (like myself) who found this thread via a Google search.

              Boutique Electrik: They have individual K-Cups but with a VERY limited selection (only 12-14 selections) at both stores I went to. Of those 12-14 selections, six were sold out with the staff unwilling to open another box.

              Cafe Gran Sasso: HIGHLY recommended. I counted 115 selections (see crappy cell phone picture attached) which are either available in individually picked mixed lots of 24 or in full cartons of 24. The price is also the lowest I've seen at $15 tax included for 24 which at $0.62 per cup sure as heck beats Future Shop, Home Outfitters and even many online sellers. The staff there is also VERY friendly and was more than willing to give their input about recommended flavors and even offered to brew a few for me to try out.

              Gran Sasso may be a bit off the beaten trail (Cote Vertu, west of the 40, right before Purolator)
              but I'll be shopping there again. Count on it.

              Hope this helps people. :)

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                Thanks so much SKYMTL - got my Keurig a few months ago and would love the opportunity to find some new k-cups to try, will be heading to Sasso ASAP.