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SnowBunny in Healdsburg Makes Cannoli

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Last week I finally succumbed to the sign posted outside the SnowBunny frozen yogurt shop on Healdsburg plaza. “Holy moly, you gotta try out cannoli.”

They’re filled-to-order. When I asked the source of the ricotta cheese, the answer was, “It’s a homemade recipe.” I’m not sure that the person behind the counter understood the question or if she really meant that the cheese itself is made here. In any case, the filling was lightly sweet, quite dense, buttery tasting, and very tender. Richer than cream cheese, not a bit of the graininess associated with ricotta, and no dried fruit or chocolate. The crunchy shell was greaseless and rather thick and hard.

Snowbunny Frozen Yogurt
312 Center St, Healdsburg, CA

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  1. Did Nonna forget the 10x for the tops? The shell looks thicker than my nonna's.

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      Oh yes, I'm sure this is thicker than your nonna's. I did like that filling though, so richly dairy.