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Jul 24, 2010 12:52 PM

Two weeks in August: Rome, Umbria and Marche

My husband and I are traveling to Italy for two weeks in mid-August. Our itinerary is as follows:

S.Stefano di Sessanio
Ascoli Pisceno

We have made all of our hotel reservations but are just starting to plan the eating (which we are both most excited about in choosing Italy as our vacation). Can anyone offer up some favorite spots in any of the areas mentioned above? We will be traveling by car except for the leg between Bologna and Rome so we will have the mobility to seek out special spots along the way. We are both adventurous eaters and have chosen this region in part due to what we have read about incredible local cuisine.

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  1. If you don't already own a copy of Fred Plotkin's "Italy for the Gourmet Traveler", it is an investment that will change forever -- for the best! -- your ideas of how to eat well and travel and eat well in Italy. I highly recommend you buy it. An updated version has been published this year. (The word "gourmet" in the title isn't about high priced or fancy eating. It's about deliciousness -- and there are restaurant recommendations in all price categories within striking distance of all your destinations.

    1. I would suggest doing a "Search this board" search for each of the various regions and cities you plan to visit. You will be able to access a sizable number of comments & recommendation made here over the past 6-12 months. Also review the threads the appear below, as they cover the areas you are asking about. .

      Le Marche does not get a large number of posts here, but I recall there have been several made not too long ago.

      1. just note that you are traveling during a period where most of the good restaurants in Rome and Bologna at least (don't know too well the other scenes) will be closed due to Ferragosta.

        1. A couple km south of Trevi, and on the other side of the road, is Taverna del Pescatore. Look for the single sign and its just off the road. Lunch under the big tent is good. A little stream (with rapids and swans) is pleasant.

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            Wonderful suggestion, but do check to be sure they are open in August.

          2. I just finished a similar trip which included Bologna, Marche, and Umbria. I can tell you the Marche is beautiful, and underated area. If you are traveling from Umbria to Ascoli Pisceno, you should consider a stop in Norcia. I enjoyed that town very much, and experienced some great food.

            I agree with barberinibee, check out Fred Plotkin's book.

            Also check out the threads from my request, great advice on those threads, including recommendations from ghiottone (a Marchigiana).

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              Umbertide not overwhelmed with good restaurants Il Caldaro at Antognolla Estate is about 15mins south and good value whilst in Citta de Castello to the north Il Postale has a good following for smarter fare.
              Nr Trevi, Spello is a good bet - posh nosh at La Bastiglia Hotel which also has a new more everyday eatery. Bevagna has a few good local restaurants and if you are tempted to visit Assisi nothing great to eat in town but the large Ristorante Carfagna at the foot of the hill is great value and authentic.
              If you are heading into Montefalco wine country L'Alchemista in the town square is really good. Have a lovely trip to Umbria, its great here - best antipasti in the country, must be followed by thinly sliced tbone steak served with salt, pepper a drizzle of oil and vino rosso!

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                Pls note Il Postale has moved down to Perugia from Citta di Castello

                In the past it was a big favo on this board.
                There are a fair number of Umbrian restaurants listed on our Restaurant page now , mostly Slowfood recommendations