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Jul 24, 2010 09:55 AM

Vancouver Croissants: a little DIY will do it

A quick shout out to a locally made (and organic, if that floats your boat) product we've been enjoying for quite a while -- We buy ours at the Whole Foods on Cambie and 8th where they off plain, cheese and chocolat in boxes of 6. They are not cheap (about $12 a box) but not bad compared to buying fresh. They are quite large and most importantly they bake up fluffy big and with that crisp that speaks of real butter. The only drawback: you have to "proof" them overnight so a bit of forethought is required. Website is www.vancroissant.com

Gotta go eat my freshly baked cheese one and do the cryptic crossword now!

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  1. A bit more info: the WF on 4th also carries them and the plain ones are $9.99 plus they have whole wheat if that is your thing. No cheese or choc here though according to the guy on the phone.

    I emailed the company because I'd like to find their ham and cheese version...

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      Thanks grayelf, I have been looking for something exactly like this for an easy to eat fresh pastry to have with coffee while opening gifts Christmas morning. I am not much of a baker so this works out very well:). I will of course have to taste test them much sooner as the holidays are much too long to wait!

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        You're welcome. I hope they are to your taste. They do have a relatively short freezer life which I guess makes sense given they don't have a bunch of chemy preservatives, so do be sure to check the best before date on the box, which is appropriately a plain brown.

        I got word back from the company and apparently they supply already baked ones to the Capers/WF on 4th and to the one in West Van also. Or you can buy all the varieties frozen at their factory in Burnaby.

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        The cheese ones and the chocolate ones are available through Spud.