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Jul 24, 2010 09:55 AM

Georgetown area of Washington

My wife and I will be spending four days in Georgetown in September and would like recommendations for great pubs and restaurants. Specifically classic Italian, great seafood and just good bar food. Retired successful restauranteurs. Thanks. CRJD

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    1. For outstanding seasonal Italian, my favorite is Dino in Cleveland Park. Take a cab there, not a big deal. The food is worth it!

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        I agree with MSommelier than most Georgetown restaurants are mediocre.

        I second Dino for Italian. If you hate spending money on cabs (like me) you can pay $1.00 to catch the red Circulator bus on M St. (headed toward Union Station). Get off at Farragut North Metro and take the red line 3 stops north to Cleveland Park. Dino is a few steps from the exit. DC's Metro system is very easy to use and there are always people there to answer questions - plus people in general here, in my experience, are happy to help a visitor.

        Hook in Georgetown used to be fantastic for seafood, but they lost their chef. It is said that the quality has suffered since then. I really like Black Salt for seafood. This is a cab ride (or catch the D6 bus if you are adventurous) from Georgetown.

        For good bar food, I'd recommend Againn, a gastro pub. If you go, don't miss the "potted meat". It's SO much better than it sounds!