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Jul 24, 2010 09:52 AM

Sunday Morning Breakfast in New Brunswick?

Our plan is to head over to the Readington Festival of Ballooning for the 6:45 am mass launching of over 100 balloons and then stop in the New Brunswick area on our way home (guessing around 8 or before) for breakfast. Any ideas?

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  1. The only place I can even think of offhand that might be open that early on a Sunday is Dish Cafe in Highland Park, right over the bridge from New Brunswick on Route 27 (Raritan Avenue). It's a diner, with diner menu, diner food, diner service, and diner decor. But they are known for their breakfasts: bagels, waffles, omelets, pancakes. I'd call though to find out what time they open.

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      Tyvm for the quick reply Joan. My own research has turned up three choices:
      Sandy's Luncheonette in E. Brunswick
      Oaxaqueno 2 in New Brunswick
      Le Peep on Rt 1 just outside New Brunswick

      I would love to try Oaxaqueno as I haven't had a plate of Chilaquilles (sp?) in a long time.

      Still hoping for other thoughts, but just off to EMP for dinner in the city. Will check in later.

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        Don't know either Sandy's or Le Peep. I do like Oaxaqueno 2, but are you sure it's open that early?

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          If you're going to venture out to a place like Sandy's (with btw, I wouldn't recommend, it's a simple strip mall joint that's not at all special)

          Close on Rt 18 is Colonial Diner, which was an awesome brunch. It's sister diner is the Skylark Diner on rt 1 which is also close. it's not a 'normal' dinner, skylark....NYT actually gave it 4 stars. Colonial, though, I think is better for sunday brunch. I recommend Chipotle Benedict :)

          Colonial Diner & Restaurant
          429 Lacey Rd Ste B, Forked River, NJ 08731

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            Oaxaqueno 2 in New Brunswick

            are they releated to Oaxaqueno 3 in Long Branch?

        2. I think the diner recommendation is a good one. There is also a fairly decent diner on Easton Ave on the way into New Brunswick near the McDonalds. I forget the name.
          If you want New Brunswick proper, consider The Hyatt or the Heldrich hotels. Both open around 6:30 A.M. for breakfast.

          1. Hope you had a great time, but if this does get searched, I really enjoy Le Peep, but it's a good 10/15 minutes outside New Brunswick. But I enjoy their scrambles and their breakfasts and would hit them whenever I got the chance. My favorite is the garden one, with cream cheese and broccoli and almonds. Of course, I love a good Jersey diner breakfast too!

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              Just a big tyvm to all those who replied. Truth is we got back from our dinner at EMP in NYC last night much later than we thought we would and slept in. I wrote a much too long review of our meal on the Manhattan board.