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Jul 24, 2010 09:14 AM

Crave Cupcakes opening in Crowfoot - Sept 2010

Just found out that Crave Cupcakes is opening in Crowfoot, next to Quizno's. It'll also be the only Crave Cupcakes that will be nut-free. Good for those with allergies, not so good for those who love nuts and live in the NW. To make up for the nut-free situation, this Crave Cupcakes store will be making up a NEW FLAVOUR just for the NW location.

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  1. Am I the only one that is totally over the cupcake craze?

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    1. re: Shazam

      I like cupcakes but I don't like Crave. Too sweet. Now if Bliss was moving....YUM!

      For me it's b/c I can have the kind of cake I want even though no one else in the fam likes it. Assortment is great b/c otherwise I have a whole cake to eat which is definitely not something one should do.

      1. re: Merry113

        Bliss is moving in to Chinook Centre!!! I dunno whether they're closing the Chinatown store or not...if I were them I'd keep the Chinatown spot for the kitchen space and use Chinook as a retail outlet. I saw signage when we were there last week. They'll be located on the main floor in the old knifery spot across from Starbucks/by Zellers :D

        1. re: maplesugar

          They are doing exactly what you would do! Keeping the Chinatown store & expanding the baking portion of it. The Chinook location will be retail only (I think).

          1. re: maplesugar

            Bliss does HUGE DT catering- I really doubt they'd be moving. I suspect this is expansion.

            Bliss and Phil&Sebastian at Chinook! BLISS!

        2. re: Shazam

          Well, when trends wind down they either fade away (anybody remember frozen yogurt back i the late 80s? No, not the Spoon Me or Pinkberry style) or become routinized. I get the sense that cupcakes will be in the latter group, but the bakers are going have to get creative, adapt product lines, maybe focus more on other products entirely. A place like Bliss which has cupcakes as a relatively small part of its shop might have more longevity than Crave, but Crave does do more than cupcakes so we'll see.

        3. Nice that it'll be available for pre-movie munchies, not nice that my fave Nutty Over Chocolate won't be making the trek. Ah, well, better for the waistline.