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Jul 24, 2010 08:55 AM

Berlin trip. Tradition sausage sauerkraut and potato meals...

Hello chowhounderz

Im traveling to berlin in a bit

and Im would love to have a night out with my honey drinking beers and eating some killer Sausage/Sauerkraut/Potato. I did a meal like this in a great bar/resto i found in Hamburg with a friend, it was fantastic and im looking for the same thing in berlin.

We'll be staying in Friedrichshain but we're down to travel to the nearby 'hoods for a fun for high quality/ reasonably priced food and beers. We're young broke but love food and a good time out.

These places are kind of the German version of a brewpub i know. not exactly restos... but that's good cause we're on a tight budget and we don't want to be spending more than 12-15 euro per person on the food.

While im at it, if anyone has recommendations on cheap cheap beer bars in the area i would love it too!

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    1. re: bonemarrow

      Check the board for a couple of suggestions recently related to beer gardens/pubs.

      Another place you might consider is the Bierborse, where the price you pay varies like a stock market.

      BTW it's chanterelle season so don't miss them wherever you go.

      1. re: Trip Klaus

        thanks trip

        i have been checking the threads but i guess i need to take a closer look

        i checked out the bierborse.... i dont understand the stock market analogy

        thanks for you input!

    2. kurhaus korsakow in f'hain (good for brunch, too)
      schusterjunge in prenzlauer berg (if you hop on a tram you can get there easily)
      max & moritz in kreuzberg
      zur kleinen markthalle in kreuzberg
      zum bayernmichel in prenzlauer berg
      brauhaus lemke in mitte (pretty touristy, but great beer)
      englers unikat in f'hain

      this should get you started....

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        1. re: bonemarrow

          where'dya end up going? inquiring minds want to know...