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Jul 24, 2010 08:53 AM

Two days in Philly- looking for cheap, local, seasonal kid friendly places for dinner & brunch

I'm taking my 12 year old to a Philly game today and staying at the Westin, I believe in Rittenhouse Square? I'm trying to find fresh, local, seasonal at about $15/pp or less for dinner. Probably will be exhausted, so nothing too fussy and overly complicated for a semi-picky kid. Also any tips for a cheap brunch? Going to Franklin Institute, so anything close to the Westin or the museum. Sorry if this post is rushed, I'm leaving soon! Thanks.

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  1. Cheap, local/seasonal, kid-friendly: choose two

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      Sorry for the unhelpful post. If I was in your situation, I'd just go to Marathon Grill at 16th & Sansom. It's nothing spectacular but the brunch and lunch food is solid, in your price range, and plenty of options for picky eaters. It's not exactly a seasonal menu or locally sourced, but the ingredient quality is more than acceptable.

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        They also have a location at 19th & Locust that is a bit nicer and maybe more convenient.

    2. I also tried to reply earlier but system wasn't working. Marathon grill was my first thought in that price range too, but food is nothing special. Noble American Cookery on 20th and Sansom may be an option and laid back atmosphere.
      For brunch, perhaps Day by Day or again, Marathon. Also, a fun thing for lunch may be the new grill that opened in front of Franklin Institute under the airplane it's almost like barbecuing in the backyard good burgers, fries, hot dogs, gazpacho and a famous carrotcake(owned and run by poses, the guy who wrote Frog Comissary cookbook)

      1. Another thought for brunch is Green Eggs Cafe in South Philly. It actually satisfies all of your criteria including ingredient sourcing so I stand corrected about that, but it's not in walking distance from Rittenhouse. It's be a $10 or so cab fare, or you could take the subway. There would be a wait on Sunday morning I think.

        1. Well, I could hit two out of five for you, not that far from the Franklin Insitute. Dinner at Little Pete's, on Fairmount between 23rd and 24th St. definitely kid friendly, defnitely a full meal about $15pp or under; good for picky eaters. They have outdoor dining on the patio which is nice also; they have a bar. Don't know about local/seasonal, but the food is good quality and satisfying--not gourmet chow, but quite acceptable on a tight budget.