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Jul 24, 2010 08:36 AM

Bad night at Kaufmans Tavern

kind of the disaster that causes Gordon Ramsey to "shut the kitchen down".
orders messed up. napkins and setups not on the table, RAW chicken wing delivered along with other cooked Buffalo wings, kitchen slow and sending food out irregularly including a prime rib that took close to 50 minutes and came out 15 minutes after everyone else had been served, cold cream of crab soup served, crab dip which was essentially cream cheese with a few strands of crab, red crab soup with little flavor, fried clam strips that obviously appeared to be a commercially prepared frozen product, corn on the cob that had no kernals and others with no flavor.
The Manager tried to make good but his offer to pay for a pitcher of beer and a couple of the appetizers plus dispense a 15% coupon off a future visit in retrospect clearly did not make up for all the issues. Seems like this place has gone south since it changed ownership. Too bad. Doubt I will be back.

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  1. I agree with you doc....the place has really gone down hill the past couple of years. I live right down the road, and we no longer go there other than to stop in and have a drink on the outside patio. Even that has gone down hill since they built that way out of place commercial building next to it. It used to be a nice quiet out of the way spot. Now it feels like you're sitting in a parking lot. I really like the owner James King, and will probably be voting for him for State Senate, but the way Kaufmann's has gone down hill since he took ownership makes me a bit sad. Maybe he's spending to much time running for office, and not enough time on his restaurants.