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Jul 24, 2010 08:06 AM

CIBO, Red Bank

287 Highway 35 North
Red Bank
732 219 8800

Here’s a place that needs your attention. Outstanding pizza, including gluten-free choices. With friends we popped in to an empty dining room and tried the vegetarian, the pesto and the white pizza. Outstanding, super reasonable prices and if you like thin & crisp the crust will wow you. If you enjoy the addition of fresh greens added to a just out of the brick oven pizza concept, give this place a try.

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  1. Thanks for the rec HillJ. Where exactly is this place? Is it on the Middletown side of the bridge and, like Nicholas, just has a Red Bank mailing address?

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    1. re: seal

      My pleasure seal! Heading away from the RB bridge onto 35 N keep an eye out for the PTherapy bldg and then the word Trezzo (I believe) for the small strip mall next door. Cibo is in the same mini mall on the end.

      1. re: HillJ

        Went back today for lunch & the PT bldg is actually AFTER the mini mall where Cibo is, northbound.

    2. I was going to put up a review of this place but forgot. I agree with your comments. This pizza is really good. I've gone a few times. This beats the other thin crust brick oven place in the area. Staff is very nice and the food comes out quick. Dining room decor is very nice, you wouldn't think it looks like that from the outside.

      But its more of a bit fancier restaurant as opposed to a pizzeria though. No delivery, more limited menu, and the price is a bit more than your local mom and pop place. Not trying to knock the place though, I really like it for the thin crust fix.

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      1. re: coldsolderjoint

        Got a medium 1/2 pesto 1/2 caprese lunch and was very disappointed. The pizza was $22 (tip included) which is outrageous. The dough was pretty burnt, yes they do say "all pizzas are cooked well done unless specified", but this was cooked beyond well done. The pesto and caprese were both very soupy. Only good thing was the crust, although burnt, it was chewy and real good.

        If the pizza was $12 for a medium maybe i would go back and try another kind, but at $18 it was way overpriced.

        1. re: J M S

          J M S, $18.00 for a custom order 1/2 pesto-1/2 caprese doesn't surprise me. I ordered a custom pizza last week and paid closer to $25.00 for a large.

          That said, I am sorry to hear your mixed review/experience though. Crust burnt...but chewy and real a yea/nay. I may not continue to custom order but I'll continue to enjoy the menu offerings. I love their crust.

          1. re: HillJ

            This IMO is the best i've found in the County to date.It is much better than I remember the Bradley Beach one ,but they may have changed the dough regimen sice I was there a few years ago and never returned.The dough here is light and tender.Depending on who is manning the oven and how much attention they a paying will determine the quality of the cooking.I've had three to date - one was good,one was o.k. and one was burnt.I put it down to teething problems as none of them were ordered while they were busy.I do not like the way they put the cheese down first and add the basil after cooking ,but thats a personal thing and i realise that they are going after a different style than my preferred Neapolitan.I hope they do well as they are the best of the new bunch to open in the past six months.
            I tried the other new place in town last week,and that was mobbed on Friday night.It must have been the cougar bartenders,'cause everything else was a let down.Roman style wafer thin in a place that was originally promoting itself as Neapolitan.(Poor) style over substance.If there was a "Jersey Shore" for the viagara generation then this would have been the hangout.

      2. Their pizza prices seem way out of line. They are about $5 more than the norm for the area, with a couple decent places within a quarter mile. Are they so good that paying a third to a half more is worth it?

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        1. re: cantkick

          I agree . The Pizza was good . But not worth the extra $5 , And the fact the large pie was not enough to feed 2 Adults and 2 kids .

        2. Just returned from Cibo in Middletown(Red Bank), NJ. Excellent thin, crisp, coal fired pizza (done the way it's prepared in Naples). My husband and I shared a salad (the CIBO Classic Salad) and we consumed an entire large CBO original pizza (fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, fresh basil, olive oil). Normally at any other pizza place we would take home about half of the pie, but this pizza has a thin and easy-to-eat crust. It is BYO. Our bill came out to under $25--very afforadable. We will definitely be going back.

          1. Stopped by at noon today for lunch and found out the hard way they are only open for dinner.

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            1. re: seal

              huh? When did they stop serving lunch? I'm going to call over there.