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Does Anyone REALLY like truffle fries?

Here is another new trend jfood cannot buy into. There are a few places where you order a nice bacon cheeseburger and they offer truffle fries instead of french fries. Jfood is always interested in new things so he has ordered them a few times. Now as he reflects he tries to figure out if they are better or worse than the golden crispness that he loves in a good plate of fries and has decided, nah.

They have this harsh flavor, almost chemical and do not go well with ketchup, which is essential for a good plate of fries. Jfood understands that the oil probably contains not a single molecule of a true truffle and it is a concoction from the lab, so let's take that sidebar off the table.

But are there people who really like this offshoot from fries? And if yes, why? Not trying to be snarky but trying to understand why people choose these over regular fries and whether this is just another flash in the pan idea.


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  1. there is a place that was here in Florida (gone now) that did Duck fat fries and bacon fat fries that were amazing. I have never had truffle fries and it sounds like I am not missing anything

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      I had Truffle Fries at Capitol Grill, actually had a slightly rancid aroma. Leave good fries ALONE, and only add ketchup. Now, if anyone recalls the "old" Arthur Bryant's, when Arthur was alive and always in the place, his Fries were listed on the "Controlled Substances List". Addictive immediately, cooked in pure lard, good thing I went to Kansas City no more than several times a year, or my heart would have frozen up years ago!

    2. they are simply drizzled in "truffle" oil ? or something else ?

      if so, then no biggie, it's another flavor for those who want to try something else once or twice (like you).

      I think they are not meant for ketchup, but would go well with good mayo (with real truffles).

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        Most place do serve with mayo or aioli and I love them that way! Not for the calorie conscious but really what fries are?

      2. I do really love them when done well. However, I am not really a fan of french fries. I don't find ketchup to be a prerequisite to eating french fries. AND truffle fries can be done poorly sometimes. I believe the Capital Grille serves them and they were probably the best I've ever eaten. Depending on what type of fries are being served I am just as likely to substitute something else for fries with my burger.

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          ??????Mayo on Fries......Sacrilege....................

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            Not a sacrilege in Belgium or the Netherlands! Don't knock it until you try it - they're delicious, but how could anything deep-fried and slathered in fat be anything but glorious?

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              In college I would eat waffle fries with mayo----YUM! =)

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                Aren't we all funny. Jfood likes ketchup on fries, but eschews it for hot dogs, if I remember correctly. I like it on neither. I too learned mayo on pommes frite living in Europe. South America too. My wife is the peace maker, she like both on her Frenchies.

                1. re: Passadumkeg

                  yup fries and burgers = ketchup; dogs = mustard. but as someone pointed out he did receive aioli with his truffle fries...should have been a clue.

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                  Mayo on fries is fabulous!! I can eat ketchup on fries too, but mayo is a fantastic option. As is vinegar.

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                    I love vinegar! I do like ketchup with those :)

                  2. re: ospreycove

                    That's how we ate them in Spain...Dipped only though not squirted all over like ketchup.

                3. I can imagine they'd be quite good with real truffle salt, which is what I thought you were originally referring to. I don't know why someone would drizzle oil over something deep fried.

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                    Sherri, I am a Nederlander, I still think mayo is a sacrilege although I know it is like crack to many in America.

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                      What, exactly, is "real truffle salt?"

                    2. I don't mean to be snarky when I ask if you really think this trend is all that new. I recall seeing truffle fries pop up on menus in 2005. At that time, and in the places they appeared, they were quite tasty (as I recall). That said, 5 years into a trend and all the more widespread could mean a significant drop in quality and care-- now just something to do.

                      Also, ketchup does not go with these, so if ketchup is your main concern, then I can't understand why you would order these anyway.

                      Finally, I find Osprey's claim most curious. I'm not a huge fan of mayo, but I wouldn't shout 'sacrilege' at the thought of mayo with fries for the fact that it was such a commonplace in Belgium. When I'm back I prefer a sauce andalouse or pilipili, but in some places (or when we've brought frites home to complement the meal) the mayo has been a perfectly lovely accompaniment. It is about the quality, though.

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                        Let's say that maybe mayo, the commercial sludge is the elixir of the U.S. South.

                        Now, having said that, the popcorn, served at The Inn at Little Washington's Chef's Table, upon your arrival, is shaved with White fresh Truffle, not Black. There is an affectation worth noting.

                      2. Well, ketchup, while being one of the many great combinations with fries, isn't essential for good fries. In fact, my favourite sauce is the gravy they use in Belgium (the mayo is nice tooo, but I just happen to like the gravy more).

                        From the various discussion on the board, it does seem that different truffle oils differ quite dramatically in flavour. So that makes it a bit hard to generalise...would obviously depend on the quality of the oil. On a related note, has anyone had truffle fries with black or white truffles when they're in season? Where did you get them?

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                        1. re: limster

                          Yup. There's a wide variance in truffle oils. I never had fries with fresh truffles, but made my own truffle fries using truffle salt. Like truffle oils, there are good ones and bad ones. When you get the right salt, truffles fries can be really good.

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                            Don't forget poutaine too. I don't think truffle oil is allowed in downeast Maine; sashimi is still bait.

                            1. re: limster

                              What's Belgian fry gravy? Are you talking about Sauce Lapin? I visited a few cities in the North of Belgium last spring and I don't recall seeing any gravy on the menu of the fritures. I did see Sauce Lapin when I was in Liège many years ago. I believe it's a very local thing that's rarely seen outside the Liège region.

                              And FWIW I've never had truffle fries and I probably never will. They just seem to me like they were invented for the sole purpose of charging even more for something that's already sold at a considerable mark-up.

                              1. re: SnackHappy

                                I don't know the official name for it, but the stands/carts in Brussels I went to had a gravy as an option instead of various mayos.

                                1. re: limster

                                  I think I fugured it out. It must be Carbonnade sauce. I found a website for Maison Antoine and they list Sauce Carbonnade as one of the options. It's a kind of beer and onion gravy made with beef bouillion or demi-glace. It's based on the Flemish stew of the same name.


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                                    Awesome, thanks for sharing your research!

                            2. LA Buckeye Fan likes truffle fries. She likes the "muskiness" of the truffle oil. She has no idea how the truffleness is arrived at. These fries are pretty popular in her neck of the woods. She likes them dipped in an aioli. But if she was honest, she'd like anything dipped in an aioli.

                              1. made with black truffle oil not so good, white truffle oil and seasoned correctly they are good, to really kick it up also add shaved parmesan and fresh rosemary chopped super fine.

                                1. Oh yes, if done well. Skinny Pizza at Wheelock Place in Singapore does a killer truffles fries! Totally addicitive.

                                  1. I haven't had truffle fries, but our favorite local pub sometimes has housemade potato chips with truffle oil. They're great, but too rich for me to eat many of them.

                                    1. I'm just a sweet old fashioned girl. When I have truffles, I want them with foi gras, NOT potatoes!

                                      1. Sorellina in Boston had the best version of truffle fries for me.
                                        I like mayo or gravy on my fries.

                                        1. I happen to really enjoy well made truffle fries. Crispy potatoes? Proper salt and seasonings? Truffle oil? I'm happy.

                                          1. Most of the truffle fries I've had are crap...but then the fries themselves started as crap (usually over cooked and soggy) and adding truffle oil won't save them. But once in a while you get excellent truffle fries and they are fabulous...and they even taste good with ketchup! There used to be a place in my neighborhood that made excellent steak frites with truffle fries. OMG they were outstanding and on Sundays it was half price! They lost their lease...I miss that place...

                                            1. I've had some bad ones, but there was a place near me, Bar Johnny's that had some awesome fries, served with a homemade catsup. They also were a side to the yummy mini burger that they served. Oh so delicious! They also had an awesome $17 steak with seasonal sides that was served 'til 11 PM. Very handy for me as I was working 60-80 weeks and didn't always have something to eat at home.

                                              I can understand that these things can be made very, very badly.