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Jul 24, 2010 06:39 AM

New Cookbook? New shelves or ....

I mentioned to my husband my plan to buy a new cookbook and his response was 'where are we putting the new shelves?' That lead to a discussion of the possibiltiy of getting cookbooks on a Kindle or other e-reader and could it then be uploaded to a computer. The discussion also touched on whether I could get my magazine subscriptions delivered through that media. Does anyone have any thoughts or plans for moving away from traditional print media to e-readers etc?

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  1. One of the best cooks I know only (except for old church and community cookbooks) owns three hardcopy cookbooks, and two of those were gifts from me (gifts that I now regret giving by the way, because I now realize she never uses them). She's gone completely digital, but I don't know how she does it. I don't think I ever could. I'm looking forward to hearing from those who have.


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      Most of my most used recipes I have on my Droid via Word Documents To Go. I started the project about a year ago by cutting/pasting to a Word document and then downloading to the phone. In addition to the photos of the food, each recipe has a clickable link that takes me back to the original source.

      One of these days I'll get around to entering in the ones I use from the dead tree cookbooks, but data entry isn't high on my list of fun things to do.

    2. As someone who just bought three new cookbooks this morning although there are still piles on the floor I have yet to make room for, digital doesn't interest me. Yes, I have an extensive database in a word document with recipes not in my books, and I use Epicurious quite a bit if I'm looking for something specific, but I'm not interested in crawling into bed or curling up on the sofa with a database. Maybe I'm just a luddite, but there's a serendipity in turning the pages of a book that I just don't find in digital media. Same, by the way, with a newspaper. I find I read far more of the NYTimes if I'm holding a paper in my hands than I do reading it online.

      1. There are a growing number of cookbooks in Kindle format, but not a lot of new releases. Dorie Greenspan's baking book *is* in Kindle format and I will be downloading that very soon, even though I own the hardback version. I recently went through the available magazines for Kindle and there were no cooking mags. I let my subscription to Savuer run out last year, and while I don't regret that, I thought that if I could get it digitally I would. No such luck. Still, I think it's just a matter of time.

        I don't like reading at my computer but I've found reading on the Kindle oddly compelling. I am looking forward to downloading some cookbooks and trying them. It will certainly save on counter space :-)

        1. I still like getting print magazines - it's nice to curl up in bed and look at all the glossy, mouth watering pictures of food. Once the issue is several months old/I've had a chance to really go through it, I cut out the recipes I really want. At best, there are a handful per issue that I know I would ever try. The rest gets thrown away, keeping shelf space available for cookbooks.

          I supplement this with my online recipe box at - luckily, my magazines upload all their recipes onto this site.

          1. I am very tempted by the iPad for many reasons, books among them. However, I get most of my books (cookbooks included) from the library so this would actually mean spending MORE money/book.

            I'm sure I'll cave in eventually!