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Jul 24, 2010 06:35 AM

Does Chicago have a good Lobster Roll?

I find it hard to believe that a city like Chicago would not have a Lobster Roll. One would think that Chicago would be a prime market for a delicious concoction of Lobster, Mayo, Butter, and Bread but I cannot recall a single restaurant serving them.

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  1. Shaw's has them. They are 19 bux.

    1. The Fish Guy will do them for takeout with advance notice.

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        A good source tells me that Parker's Restaurant on Highland Ave at I-88 has excellent lobster rolls for lunch. This is in Downers Grove, but those in the western suburbs might be interested in trying them.

        1. re: CJT

          I don't see it on Parker's lunch menu on their website at but maybe they sometimes have it as a special. Regardless, Parker's is a terrific place for fresh seafood in delicious preparations. I eat there often for lunch and everything has been consistently excellent. (Pizza fans will enjoy their certified Neapolitan pizza too.)

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            It's on the dinner menu. 18 fitty.

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              I have to get around nsxtasy!!!