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Jul 24, 2010 04:18 AM

Chowhounds on Capitol Hill

""Congress' Food Tab: $604,000 for Bottled Water, $152 at Quiznos""

The story has some interesting statistics.

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  1. I'm a lobbyist and frequently arrange briefings in the Capitol building. Here's a weird fact about the catering company that has the contract for the Hill: if you ask for pitchers of tap water instead of bottled water (which I tried recently), the company charges you $100 for a "wait person" to - what? - pour the water. It's a complete boondoggle, and I suspect this may be part of the explanation for the figure above. And to be clear: this isn't the's the crappy catering company.

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    1. re: DC in DC

      fair enough, but does one need a caterer for drinking tap water? aren't there pitchers one can buy and re-fill?

      1. re: DC in DC

        It's a complete boondoggle,
        How ironic. In Washington, DC.

        1. re: DC in DC

          I wonder which union runs the catering company??? SEIU maybe????