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Jul 24, 2010 03:52 AM

Best weekday lunch between Hynes Auditorium and Downtown Crossing

I will be having out-of-town visitors in a next few weeks. Some of them have never been to Boston before. They're staying near the Hynes. Since I don't get into town as much as I once did, I'm really out of the loop when it comes to new and interesting places. I was wondering what the best weekday lunch spots are in that area.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. It depends on what you mean by "best". Lunch at L'Espalier is good value (although since the move, has lost a lot of the charm), but not inexpensive. I'm personally partial to Parrish cafe for their sandwiches and onion rings, but many people don't like it. For 'people watching', Sonsie and Stephanie's on Newbury are both perfectly decent, albeit touristy options.

    For old world charm, and nearer downtown crossing, there is Locke Ober (although I've had a bad experience there). However, none of the above are new, some are interesting.


    774 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02199

    1. Locke Ober is not open at lunch except for Restaurant Week and before Christmas.

      There are several good spots on Boylston near the Hynes that are reasoable at lunch (but not so reasonable at dinner). Sel de la Terre does a very good lunch, as does Abe & Louies and Atlantic Fish. Further down at Park Plaza, Davios, Via Matta and Bistro du Midi are also good. For something offbeat, Courtyard Cafe at the Boston Public Library offers a lunch in the MicKim building ovrerlooking the courtyard.

      75 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116

      Abe & Louie's
      793 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

      Via Matta
      79 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116

      Sel de la Terre
      774 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02199

      Bistro du Midi
      272 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

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        Some good suggestions here, and I didn't realise Locke Ober was open for lunch at certain times only.
        Abe and Louie's is only marginally less expensive for lunch, but a good option if the OP wants steak.

        The Boston Public Library is a really good suggestion -- I've only had tea/ pastries there rather than lunch, so I can't speak for the quality of the food, but it's a very nice location.