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Jul 23, 2010 11:29 PM


ARMANDO'S on Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, surprised us with an exceptionally delicious dinner.

Sadly, in its previous incarnation, ARMANDO'S gradually went downhill, and became un recognizable; a tedious, not very good, dull restaurant. When the original owner decided to reopen this Montagie Street legend, we waited. Then, last week, we just couldn't resist the Landmarked Lobster sign calling us in for Soft Shell Crabs.

We were not disappomted. The interior is warm and welcoming, alcoved into smaller spaces that give a sense of intimacy and privacy, not easy to find in restaurants today.

Fresh salads and antipasti cold and hot were passed around the table. Fresh, crisp crusted bread and fresh butter and EVOO completed the beginning of a wonderful meal.

Everything we tried was delicious. Especially the huge, meaty, crispy crunchy, deep fried Soft Shell Crab. Just as good, or better than my childhood memories of ARMANDO'S .

We have tried the Soft Shell Crab at every local restairant that serves them, and these were the very best.

Service was professional and consistent.

We will definitely return.

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  1. With friends whi also had cravings for Soft Shell Crab. We headed back to ARMANDO'S.

    We samples a few Pasta dishes as first courses, and then the crispy, crunchy, delichiously briny Soft Shell Crab loaded with Crab meat and fried to perfection.. Our friends were thrilled. They, too, had dined on the Crustaceans at HENRY'S END, JACK THE HORSE, and other establishments and agreed these were the best.

    1. I agree. It's great to see Armando's back on Montague Street. By the way, although raw clams are no longer listed on the menu, you can order them. I love the big, meaty cherrystones.

      143 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201