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Jul 23, 2010 11:27 PM

Got to try Lazybones' new location in Clinton Township, MI

Impressed. While the lack of booze doesn't bother me a bit, I can see it disappointing the Lazybones/Dragonmead crowd a bit. Regardless, it's still great. I had the pulled pork platter at $8.99, which included a half pound of meat, two HUGE sides, and a piece of their cornbread stuff. Those who know me know how rare it is for me to say this: there was more food there than I could eat, and I hadn't eaten anything all day...and it was after 3PM. I was starving, and I left not just completely stuffed, but very satisfied as well.

The quality here is just as high, and I was extremely happy with the place, top-to-bottom. Deni really knows his craft, right down to the candied apple sauce, which was my choice for the day.

I am SO GLAD that there's now a place to honestly eat on site. Do go. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed.

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  1. I went there today. I really wanted to love the place. My mother is from GA, and I love nothing better than to enjoy a good meal with her.

    Hoggers /Berkley= thumbs up
    Slows/Detroit = thumbs up
    Lazybones/Clinton Township = maybe on the fence

    I ordered one plate, for me, and dropped a bill + into the tip jar at the register. I'll hold off on the next visit. (and it's only on the strength of the past reviews that I'll go again.)

    The portions were beyond generous (excepting the cornbread)

    I ordered the burnt ends. This isn't what I typically order at a bbq place, and they were too rich for me. The pork was tender. I'll try the pulled pork next time, as that is what I typically order.

    The cornbread piece was smaller than what I'm accustomed to, almost 2x2x1 and fully saturated. I couldn't have added a pat of butter, it was that full. I prefer drier /fluffier cornbread. Ironically, if they'd not mentioned this on the menu, it'd be a non-issue, but because it didn't meet my expectation of cornbread, it was. I considered it to be more of a garnish, rather than adding to the meal.

    The beans were tasty, and they had nice bits of meat in them. Be careful, as I had a couple of joints in my dish, and that detracted from it.

    The broasted potatoes were the best. I'd try them again without the garlic and parmesan. i think the potatoes would stand on their own.

    Great bbq can be greasy. Unfortunately this was apparent on the black tables, even after i observed two tables getting a quick wipe down. Crumbs and streaks existed on the tables after the wipe down. During my meal, the staff didn't clean or push in any chairs, which would have made for a neater appearance. The carpet is shaded, but it wasn't clean. I should not see these things in a new location.

    I'll try this place again, as there have been SUCH great reviews. I hope that my experience was an anomoly.

    I usually order pulled pork, so that may have been my mistake. I'll try again in this next week, and will update based upon that visit.

    As such, I'll try it again in the next week, and order the pulled pork.

    I really want to love this place.

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      Well, you tipped the jar before service was rendered, which I don't do. While I was there, the tables and chairs were good and clean (though a bit crowded, perhaps). I didn't look at the carpet, I'll admit that, but nothing about the place made me leery, either. Mind you, I was dining off hours, so that may have had at least something to do with our difference in that area. My only real complaint was that the orange Crush dispenser wasn't carbonated, which they fixed by offering me an orange bottled Faygo gratis, which was a perfectly fine solution to me. I was certainly happy about it.

      Try going back at a different time, and do get the pulled pork, which I loved. The cornbread didn't bother me a bit, but my friend Donna tells me that I know *nothing* of good cornbread, and with her being an expert on the subject, I'm given to trust her on this one. I happened to enjoy that cornbread stuff they served...but you'll note that I referred to it as "cornbread stuff" rather than actual cornbread.

      I have as of yet to try Hogger' of these days I'll think of it in time. Thanks for the reminder!!

    2. Followed up with another visit today, and I'm still enamored. This week's lunch special (11AM-3PM) is the "Three Piggy" sandwich with broasted fries for $5. Comes with a half pound (cumulatively) of three different meats: the pulled pork, the brisket, and the chicken, on a toasted onion roll, with broasted fries, all for $5, with your choice of BBQ sauce, of course. Drink is extra.

      Loved my sandwich. It, too, was almost too much food (I ended up not eating the bottom of the onion roll), and of good quality. It was served, for some really puzzling reason (to me, at least) covered in grated cheese, but it wasn't stated that way on the board (nor by the girl who took my order), and I had to send my first sandwich back immediately. The second one came, and it was absolutely fantastic, piping hot, and I loved it.

      I still prefer pulled pork BBQ to brisket BBQ in general, and this didn't change my mind any. The chicken was also good, but it's still just chicken...I don't see why anyone would come to a BBQ joint for a chicken fix.

      For those who'd like to sample the three meats Lazybones offers at a very, very reasonable price, here's your opportunity.

      As a final note, I was there around 12:30PM today, and the place seemed quite clean to me. Sure, the black laminate tables may have some residue from a previous diner or two, but once the tables have been properly cleaned by the employee assigned to do that, the tables are then good and clean.

      So glad I could get back there so soon.