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Jul 23, 2010 11:04 PM

Craft beer in Minneapolis

Heading to Minneapolis later this summer and looking for bars and restaurants with a good selection of craft/micro beers.

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  1. Minneapolis is a great town for beer. There are a lot of craft brewers and brewpubs. My personal favorite craft brewer in the area is Surly and I saw their tap handles in a lot of bars and restaurants around town when I was there recently.

    Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery is my favorite brewpub - don't miss Masala Mama IPA, if you like a West Coast style IPA.

    Stub and Herb's is a bar with a very wide selection, though it is close to a college campus and may get crowded later at night. I have always gone rather early in the evening and have always found a quiet spot to have a beer.

    Blue Nile is an Ethiopian restaurant whose bartender really focuses on high quality beers. They may only have about a dozen taps but they are all of impeccable quality. It is very close to a liquor store called Zipp's where you can by Surly cans by the single if you so desire.

    Finally, I have not been to Cafe Twenty Eight but it is on my list. From the website, it sounds like a farm to table restaurant with a Surly fetish. Should be my kind of place.

    1. Buster's on 28th has a good selection.

      Take a short trip over to St. Paul and try The Happy Gnome and The Muddy Pig - both have a wide variety on tap.

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        second, third & forth on the masala mama from town hall! AWESOME stuff.