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Jul 23, 2010 10:43 PM

Lamb kidneys! Woo Hoo!

But, I want to barbeque them. I know how to sautee,roast, stew, etc., but I was wanting to do a brochette, or something else over coals. Give me your most complicated recipes, but I am in a not so well provisioned area, so give me your less complicates ones, as well. The cottage has only basic equipment, and (by my standards) a minimal pantry. I was thinking about a red wine, lemon, fennel seed marinade. Thoughts?

Ciao, hounds!

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  1. I've only ever fried kidneys so am not sure how they are going to go on the BBQ. I think great care's going to be needed not to overcook them.

    When I have cooked them, I've never marinaded, preferring the straight taste of kidney. My usual dish is as a starter - on toast, with a mustard/cream sauce.

    That said, fennel (frond or seed) goes extremely well with lamb's liver so I guess will work well with the kidney.

    1. In the Nero Wolf Cookbook there is a recipe for marinated broiled lamb kidneys I think you could use the method for outdoor grilling. Here's a link:

      I love lamb kidneys but like Mr. Harters I've only sauteed them. Good luck!

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        I took a look at the link.... Interesting thing is that the list of ingredients is essentially that for devilled lamb kidneys (which I love so much that that was my birthday dinner this year).

        I'm still undecided, but I shall report back.

      2. indian style lamb kidneys with ginger garlic chili paste and salt. they cook very fast. i dont use anything else. your minimal pantry may be a limitation. i finish mine with a little butter and then eat them on toast. very delish !

        1. Epilogue:

          My barbeque plans fell apart when the barbeque did. I ended up broiling them devilishly: Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, a couple of dashes of Tobasco, salt, pepper, dried rosemary. One makes due... Not terribly interesting,I admit, but good enough with some toated baguette, a Greek salad, and watching the cormorants, et al., over the lake. The leftovers were delicious with my eggs the next morning.