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Jul 23, 2010 09:50 PM

Are they still harvesting Oysters in the Gulf??

have they been totally spoiled by oil??

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  1. "Experts estimate that about 40 percent of the oyster beds in the Gulf remain open."

    The above quote from this article:
    Local oyster industry could benefit from Gulf woes

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      Gulf Coast Oysters are available and safe. Grouper, American Red Snapper, Yellow Tail Snapper, Pompano, Redfish, etc are all being caught commercially and are clean and inspected. There are some areas where, as a precaution fishing, commercial and recreational, is prohibited, but this is in the immediate spill area and part of the "Loop Current" in the Northern Gulf.

    2. Well, this is good news.
      However, I worry about oil-contaminated oysters getting into a barbecue situation.
      "Look, they double as starter fluid..."

      1. They do not harvest oysters in the Gulf because they don't grow in the Gulf. They grow in the bays adjacent to the Gulf. Many areas of Louisiana are still open, plus the other Gulf states. Indeed, Galveston Bay produces more oysters than any body of water in the US, and it is unaffected. As ospreycove said, seafood is safe and available, however, as far as redfish, most if not all states do not allow harvest, nor does the federal government. The redfish available is farm raised, thus the greenish color. I won't touch it, I'll only eat the ones I catch.