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Jul 23, 2010 09:45 PM

Sea Change Rest at the New Guthrie

was impressed by the brief write up in the Strib. what are your impressions??

Sea Change
806 Second Street S., Minneapolis, MN 55415

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  1. My impressions were that the food was very well crafted--the scallops were particularly delightful, thought all in the group (and my parents among us are from maine), but the service was particularly lackluster. Everything was served promptly, and orders were taken efficiently---but it was more of a "service by committee" type experience---a fact which very much diminished our overall feeling of the place. When asking questions about certain dishes before ordering, we were met with mushy, incoherent answers that added up to the clear impression that they didn't know very much about what they were serving.
    This could have changed in the past few months, but I doubt it.

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      I was there a couple months ago and had a similar experience. Food was very good, not great. My server didn't know many specifics about the menu, tried to steer my girlfriend away from her menu choice (which turned out to be much better than the dish the server recommended to me), and was really flighty, running around her section, didn't pay much attention to any of her tables. It was a Friday night at 8, but her section was half-full at most, so her inattention was pretty inexcusable.