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Jul 23, 2010 08:58 PM

Master Steak Restaurant in Mississauga - anyone been?

I am interested in knowing if anyone has been to The Master Steak Restaurant in Mississauga just south of 401 and what was it like?

Master Steaks
5895 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W1E8, CA

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  1. It's pretty much a trucker's stop. The steaks are dirt cheap and there is a MASSIVE cut (the Delmonico) that's not typically found at your typical steak joint. Dining atmosphere is a no-frills cafeteria-style complete with trays. Can't really complain much about the steaks given the price point (if I remember correctly only the Delmonico was above $20), and the nice thing is they will actually cook your steak to order (still fuming about a recent dinner at a surf and turf restaurant in Orlando where everyone's steaks, despite costing over two times as much, came out 'medium'). Been too sketched out to attempt the shrimp but I haven't known anyone to get sick from them.

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      Look out. The cheap prices posted on the big signs in the window will be available only during times that you are not there.

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        I have a friend who likes heading out there every now and then for late night cheap steaks. He says they are marinated steaks to make them more tender, but I don't know for sure.

        I've never been there but when I'm out there I can't resist going to Zet's (24 hr diner on airport road).

      2. Haven't been for awhile but it's probably still a stripped-down, no BS joint with a cafeteria/diner vibe that's good value. Steaks were Bronto-sized but cooked to order.Dixie is logistics row, so the clientele is working stiffs after a good meal and some R&R. Might go again soon if I need some Neolithic grub. Straight-up meat. A find for Flintstone appetites.

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          Anyone else been to this place? I love these kind of ma and pa old school joints. Was wondering what the steak sandwich is like. I love places like this and Zet's, but they are slowing dying off.

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            I went and tried this place. Steak on the Kaiser was amazing.

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          1. Wow - never thought I'd see this place mentioned on chowhound. My father used to have a business around the corner, and every weekend we'd go to check things out/mow the lawn, then grab lunch at Master Steak. Ritual. So I have fond memories, and the ownership is I think the same.

            It's always been burgers for me (not steaks), but the think I find most unique item here is the onion rings - hand dipped to order and mor like doughnuts with an onion interior (which some may find gross, but to me they are the finest example, and I have had many disappointments trying to find its peer anywhere in North America).

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              Next time I go, I would like to try the burger but it will very hard not to get a steak or steak on a Kaiser there. I saw some yummy looking steaks there. It's funny how you can go to a nice sit down restaurant, and the steak is nothing to write home about, and go to a place like master steak, and it taste way better.

              I found the below pic on the net and this just the way I like my steak with some nice steak juice on juice on it

            2. It was a great place to go to after we'd been to Hashimoto up the street.. Then Hashimoto moved.