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Jul 23, 2010 07:51 PM

Gelato at Costco San Francisco

Has anyone tried the Kirkland Gelato yet?
The flavor choices are stracietella, pistachio or mixed berry, and they are selling by the cone with the pizza and franks or by the quart for $4.99.

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  1. Tried the 3 scoops in a cone & it wasn't bad. I couldn't really tell the difference between the 3 flavors. But it was only $1.49 + tax. Pretty damn cheap!
    Only seen it at Costco SF.

    here is a pic of the Gelato sign I found:

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    1. re: F1M

      I tried the pistachio on a waffle cone at SF Costco this week and it's good, especially for the price. It was selling big time. Seemed 1/2 the people ordering food were also getting the gelato.

      I'll bet the employees aren't too happy about the extra labor though.

      1. re: baron45

        Sounds like something that is going to end up on some restaurant dessert plates at several $ a scoop.

      2. re: F1M

        seen it also at costco san leandro and costco, san ramon. didn't try it though. both places also carry frozen yogurt also.

        1. re: shanghaikid

          When did you see it at San Leandro? Was there today and did not see any gelato at the food counter.

          1. re: Mr_Happy

            the gelato should be on the same sign as the yogurt sign. if it isn't there, san leandro may have stayed with the latte/mocha instead. will check next time i'm in s.l. again.

        2. re: F1M

          $1.49?.......what a deal.
          You can't even get one scoop at Baskin Robbins for that gelato place would be $7 for three scoops.

        3. Anyone know if this is available at the Richmond Costco?

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          1. re: kc72

            Not available in Richmond, but they do have a new carne asada bake (didn't try).

          2. Not yet, but at least you can now buy Ciao Bella's blood orange sorbet popsicles at Costco.