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Jul 23, 2010 04:26 PM

new sunterra...

I went there and nearly died from condiment overload. Condiment heaven, very nice looking place and found a real treasure- mango honey nectarines! they are so..!! apparently they also have a very short season mid july to august. I was really disappointed to not get a sandwich, I got there after the lunch rush and they had no breads left! (good thing I got bolus from ML)

Anyone else been? It kind of reminds me of whole foods in little ways...I've also got gripes on how a lot of stuff has no price..

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  1. do you know if they have Hunt's ketchup?

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    1. re: nonlinear

      They no doubt do, at twice the cost.

      1. re: Satiated

        well, since Hunt's isn't available ANYWHERE else in Calgary (or the prairie provinces, as it appears), they can charge whatever they want for it.

        Hunt's ketchup is the best, so I would pay double.

      2. re: nonlinear

        I saw hunts bbq sauce at the dollar store... dollar stores get a lot of imports... but sadly the new sunterra location is a little more gourmet than hunts ;) And they have huge jars of grey poupon, I was really just looking for keens hot in a big jar I go through it so fast.. so um more like the cookbook co for condiments... the mushrooms at the salad bar seemed to be flavored with white wine vinegar or something.. and were delicious

        1. re: crigg

          "a little more gourmet than hunts"

          i don't blame you for Sunterra's offerings, but I have to say that this is one of the most snobby, pretentious statements i've ever heard. have you ever tried Hunt's ketchup? if not, do some internet reserach, and you'll see that it's one of the best ketchups one can buy. It doesn't matter to me how "local" (this movement means nothing and is a marketing fraud) or "gourmet" something is, if it tastes good, i'll eat it.

      3. Where is this new Sunterra?

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        1. re: Jasz

          By the Stampede Grounds 200 12th Avenue SE.

        2. they need to get the prices on stuff, that's for sure - i think they are just behind though.
          i haven't been at lunch yet but the SO says it's a madhouse, i guess they aren't prepared for the amount of people that are flocking over there - sounds like they didn't expect it to be quite so busy.

          i'm happy it's there as it has a few nice things worth shopping there for, but i find i'm still stopping at midtown co-op for meat and basics

          1. Coupon Alert!
            If you spend $2 and buy the recyclable bag, there are some coupons inside:
            2 for 1 lunch from 11 am - 2 pm at the upstairs restaurant
            $10 off a $25 grocery purchase (till Aug 31)
            $25 off a $50 grocery purchase (till Aug 31)

            So for those of you that want to splurge - here is your moment!!!!

            On another note, pass on the smoked salmon and brie crepe upstairs in the caffeteria - the smoked salmon was poor quality and the brie wasn't even melted at all - just kind of slapped together - not really a hit

            That said, I will be back for a more traditional crepe - the crepe itself was perfect - with some more fool proof ingredients like chocolate and banana it would be perfect!

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            1. re: jsfoodchat

              Thanks for the heads up isfoodchat; went there today to check it out and buy a leg of Alberta lamb to splurge for some friends that I owe a lot to for many favours. Got to the check out and something in my brain remembered a post about a coupon. The lamb was $52, and with the bag purchase I got $25 off. Thanks! I don't think they are telling people, because you will just buy and then get home, then notice the coupon and have to go back to get the savings. $23 off with a new Sunterra bag, plus Alberta lamb. The last time we had it from Sunterra, we really enjoyed it. As much as the New Zealand lamb is good, the Alberta is really good! Twice the price tho...

              1. Great looking store. Love the parking!

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                1. re: worldwidestuff

                  this was a pay and display.. unless you were somehow to just not pay without getting fined :/

                  1. re: crigg

                    I went yesterday and it is indeed pay and display, but they will validate with a purchase for up to's something to keep in mind.

                    As for my take, did anyone else wonder how this huge place is sustainable? I can't believe they can run through all that fresh food in the deli cases! Wow! I can't help but think it could be easily half the size? What happens when they pull back all their opening staff? It will be a big echo chamber! Its bigger than any Whole Foods I've been to and they already had very large displays with "filler" facing...just makes me wonder what it will be like a year hence?

                    Anyhow, love the decor in the restaurant, the prices seemed fair and you definitely feel inspired to eat in the environment. Unfortunately the food was just....gah. I've always been disappointed with their preprepared offerings and I guess I was hoping there would be some progress there now that they are serving to order. Sadly, no. My meal isn't even worth mentioning here. Really.

                    As for produce, it was truly lovely. I wouldn't hesitate to buy meats, fruit or veg there if I was in the area-but I know I can get most of these products from the merchants I already frequent, so its not like its a "have to go" destination for me. I guess unless I feel a strong urge to buy condiments (which does happen near the holidays) or grab a quick lunch if I'm right in the area I won't be back anytime soon. Wish them luck though, it seems like a big, expensive, heavy on labour venture.

                    1. re: messier

                      Of COURSE it's sustainable. There is HUGE demand for full-service grocery stores in the inner city. There are thousands of people who live a two-block radius from this store- why would you even wonder about this?

                      We now have one Safeway and one Co-op to serve the largest community, by population, in the city, and it serves double duty for the 15,000 or so who live downtown (from Chinatown to the West End) as well. We could have another store of this size and it would do just fine.

                        1. re: John Manzo

                          John's correct. 23% of Calgary's population lives within the Beltline & Downtown district. This is a truly welcome addition to our neighborhood.

                          1. re: katidyd

                            It's more like 7% but that's more than enough to support a Sunterra!

                          2. re: John Manzo

                            Oh dear. Well. I suppose I question it because of what I saw. Hence it was a question, not a statement.

                            And I stand behind my impression. Although it has all the elements, it is not only a grocery store and "mainstay" groceries don't even seem to be their focus, based on the marketing-not to mention the layout.

                            The are heavily stocked on pre-prepared food, and frankly what I had was not that good. I can even excuse that, but when you then decide to serve food--well. Not to mention I had to go into a corner for produce (and the gelato bar was much more prominent than the carrots, thank you)

                            So what I'm saying is If all those people are still employed (and not just at the coffee bar) and all those displays and grab-n-go's are still brimming over day in and day out with fresh salads and prepacked goodness-great. If all that bread gets sold-wonderful. If every one of the 30 pies I counted wrapped in saran gets turned before it goes stale-awesome. I just see a lot of excess and not a hell of a lot of basics or food quality. And sorry-I'll bus it from Inglewood to just about anywhere for something half decent to eat. Many times on your reccomendation.

                            So will they succeed? That wasn't my question. They will. Because grab and go is easier than seek and find. I get it.

                            But are they sustainable? The double faced displays will soon tell the tale.

                            1. re: messier

                              i've had a couple of their take-n-bake dishes (cannelloni and shepard's pie), and have mixed impressions. The canneloni was oversized, dry, and bland - just terrible. The shepard's pie was pretty good, but FAR too greasy. Methinks they used regular ground beef, which just melts into fat. It tasted OK, but could get overbearing if your portion was too big.

                              1. re: nonlinear

                                we bought pre-marinated short ribs tonight - fresh and delicious!! threw those on the bbq, made some rice w/veggies - great, fast mid-week meal!

                                i think everything will be fine - there are enough people living in the area and people like me that work and park near-by, pick up on the way home and are thrilled to have a gourmet option for groceries....