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Jul 23, 2010 03:59 PM

So where's the good pho? Seriously?

I moved to Brooklyn from Philly, and expected NYC would offer me upgrades of all of my favorite foods (ok, other than cheese steaks and Italian hoagies, and roast pork sandwiches). But apparently Philly is kicking NYC butt on the Pho train as well, because, c'mon! You call that broth?! Where are the good Pho places?

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  1. Sadly, the good stuff is back in Philly. Seriously.

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    1. re: Joe MacBu

      Actually Staten Island has good pho at Pho Mac. But you need a care, although it is near the highway. The broth is very delicate.

      Pho Mac
      1407 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314

      1. re: BMartin

        It's been a while, but in the past I loved Pho Tay Ho in Bath Beach. Rich broth and a large selection of ingredients. Their entrées are pretty tasty as well.

        Pho Tay Ho
        2351 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

        1. re: BMartin

          I think there's a bus that runs along Richmond Ave. that probably stops darn close to it, too. I hate the edit function on CH. Trying to delete duplicates your original. My reply was following on to BMartin's.

        2. re: Joe MacBu

          Philly kills NYC when it comes to pho.

        3. i get my pho in manhattan

          1. Can't speak to Philly Pho, but try the pho at Nha Toi. Best I've had in NYC.


            (Definitely better than the various Chinatown and Sunset Park pho I've hit. Cannot compare it w/ Bensonhurst joint as I've yet to go there. Have not done side by side but compares reasonably well w/ the Jonathan Gold best-of-LA pho I had in SGV last time I was out there.


            Sides are also quite good at Nha Toi -- papaya salad, spring + summer rolls, etc -- as are the banh mi.

            As I've said prev on this board I think it might well be the best Vietnamese in NYC...

            Nha Toi
            160 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

            1. Pho Hoai on 86th street and 4th avenue in Bay Ridge is pretty good. Can't compare it to others in Brooklyn as this is the only place I have tried.

              Pho Hoai
              8616 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

              1. pho bang on mott street in manhattan is good. not sure if you were only looking for bk...