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Aug 12, 2005 07:36 PM

Park Ave Restaurant in Stanton

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This is a cute new restaurant in Stanton with 50's décor. I think it opened up about 2 months ago. A friend suggested we try this place for lunch yesterday after she saw the review in the OC Register. Here is what we ate:

House salad: This was just chopped up romaine lettuce with their green goddess dressing. The greens were a little brown and wilted, but the dressing was nice. I've never had green goddess dressing before so I'm not sure if this was a good version or not.

Corn and lobster fritters: lots of lobster pieces, but they were a little bit tough. The corn had the sweetness and crunchiness of fresh corn instead of corn from a can. Overall, pretty good.

Stuffed chicken sandwich: Chicken breast stuffed with stuffing! Need I say more?

Belgian beef stew: This was just pieces of beef with gravy tossed with pasta. Not that interesting or impressive.

Lemon parfait: Crème fraiche ice cream with lemon bar pieces. I loved the sourness of the ice cream and the lemon bars together. I would definitely get this again. (As a side note, the menu says that all of their ice creams are made in-house.)

Little pot of heaven: Dark chocolate pudding topped with bruleed bananas. A little too dense for my taste, but my friend loved it.

Overall, I liked this place a lot. I think it would be a good place for dinner with friends or maybe even a birthday. What a welcome addition to Stanton!

Park Ave
11200 Beach


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  1. I visited this place on Saturday and had a comparable meal. The Pork chop was cooked just right and our server said ALL condiments/sauces/dressings are made in house and from scratch. Even ketchup and mustard!

    A dining companion had the salmon special and he just about licked his plate.

    The drinks were a great value, $4.25 for a Makers Mark sour! And I'm pretty sure they make their own sour mix too.

    I really enjoyed the Little pot of Heaven, they carmelized the sugar over the bananas just before serving and it was a real treat. They even customized a dessert for someone at our table who wanted his Frosty Mocha made a little differently.

    I'm not in Stanton very often, but I might actually make the drive from LA to bring some other people in the near future!

    1. 3 of us had one of the best meals I've ever had in O.C. - Last night.

      Entrees we enjoyed were the "surf and turf" combo; New england chicken bake (mine! with brown rice risotto and sage sauce.) and flank steak - all served with fresh, wonderful green beans. Appetizers were lobster/corn fritters (yum!) and stuffed mushrooms; tasty but only 3 or 4 in way too much sauce.
      Desert was the chocolate pudding described above and yummy cherry (not tart cherry) pie with great pie crust and a thickish definitely "homemade" filling.

      Really high quality food; great tastes and fun, stylish atmosphere. Also, it's between the 91 and 22/at Katella (near 605); off Beach - so it's not a bad central meeting place for OC/LA or San Diego.

      Service was friendly, somewhat casual. A "little" rushed, but that was probably because restaurant was not crowded. Actually, a great alternative to a "high-end" L.A. restaurant that you are too late to get reservations for.

      Corkage was $10. They have a cool-looking loungy/full bar. Wine list was short, expensive and uninspiring. We brought our own wine and they were friendly about opening it for us.

      Total tab, including tip for three of us was $95. We'll definitely go back.

      1. Love this place. Seriously, the best chicken fried steak. They send me occasional specials through email since I signed up for their email list- they had heirloom tomatoes awhile back.

        Elmomonster made a lovely blog with pics last November.


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          I too love this place! Great tableside spinach salad-$4.95/feeds two. They have a killer Grilled Steak Salad and Chicken Fried Steak. I'm also addicted to their house made chips (esp. to accompany my Sidecar Martini (7$).

        2. Just ate at Park Avenue a few days ago for the first time. Terrific place, nice decor and food was really well done. We had the:
          -Caesar salad (nice light dressing but the amount of dressing was a little heavy handed)
          -Apple stuffed pork chop (cooked just right with a lightly sweetened apple, raisin onion stuffing) serve with hearty firm & chunky mashed potatos and carrots.
          -Lamb chops (also cooked perfectly, topped with a seasoned butter, but a small portion, three small riblets) accompanied by whole short grained rice and carrots.
          All were tastey and we received one meal free to boot!

          They're offering a free meal offer until Sept 30th:

          We'll be back again soon. Can't wait to try the desserts.

          1. How are the burgers here? More to my interest, the patty melt?