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Le Bec-Fin to close

Georges Perrier closing flagship restaurant by Spring 201. Inquirer staff writer Michael Klein reports:

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had missed the article in the paper. Have had many a wonderful meal there, though i must admit that it has been a few years since I have patronized them. So many other alternatives available now, unlike my first meal ... a lunch... at the new location in the summer of 1982.

      1. I think I know where we will be going for our anniversary this year...

        1. The end of an era indeed.

          For curiosity's sake, anyone know what's moving into the old Brasserie Perrier? I remember reading there's a Chipotle moving into the old Susanno Foo space. That's in addition to the Qdoba on that block already.

          Somebody please tell me that LBF won't become a Baja Fresh...

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              I think the new Apple Store is going into the old BP.

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                For the sales price of $3.9 million for that space I think it's relatively safe to say that it won't become a Baja Fresh.

                That said assuming another restaurant moves in, I would say that they will have some rather large shoes to fill.

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                  According to the article: "[Susanna] Foo sold her building across the street last year for $5 million; the Mexican chain Chipotle is building out that spot." So I think anything's possible.

                  I'd like to see Marc Vetri buy it. Just for old time's sake.

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                    I didn't read that far down so, I guess anything is possible.

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                      Possible but awful if it happens. I like the Vetri idea, with him moving into another Le Bec Fin location.

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                      Good suggestion. Apparently. the landlord where Vetri is now is a real ass.

                2. The original on lower Spruce opened during my frosh year at Penn. Saddening to see old institutions fade away.

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                    My parents ate at the Spruce location back in the early 70's when the prix fixe dinner was a whopping $30. How times have changed.

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                      Changed indeed. In 1970, a home cost $23,400 and a year at Penn was $4500. So a $30 meal was a king's ransom!

                  2. So sad...and I miss Brasserie Perrier as well and cannot understand why that one closed! Maybe Georges just tired of the CC scene? I agree, all of the institutions are going and it's not good. Will def make it a point to dine there several times before it is gone altogether!

                    1. well i think us chowhounds will all be very happy if a cheesecake factory opens up in the space. ugh.

                      It's so hard to tell if philly.com commenters are serious or not

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                        Philly.com posters are always serious and often scary. Hey - at least a request for a Cheesecake Factory wasn't tinged with racism - as most philly.com posts usually are...

                      2. Just to bump this up...

                        We were at Le Bec-Fin last night and our server seemed a little coy when we mentioned the impending closing of the restaurant. It would not surprise me if they do not close. Also, I noticed that their website has undergone an entire makeover. That doesn't seem like something a soon-to-be-closing restaurant would be doing.

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                        1. re: Philly Ray

                          Be interesting if this was just hype to draw in people who want to try it before it closes, but in fact, it's not closing. Like the stores in NYC named "Going Out of Business." Genius marketing...

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                            Just had dinner last night with someone who has dined over 200 times at Le Bec Fin and knows Perrier: They are are NOT closing.

                            Why would they? They are booked solid.

                            1. re: Tir_na_nOg

                              So Georges Perrier is the Brett Favre of restaurateurs?

                              Remember a couple years ago when he hyped up a "big announcement" about the restaurant? Everyone thought he was announcing closure, but it was just that they were going a la carte.

                              Pretty good PR moves this guy has up his sleeve.

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                                Correct. They are not closing. Our waiter at dinner there last night confirmed this. As a matter of fact, he said they will be doing another renovation of the main dining room. Full review here: http://legoutfriand.com/blog/?p=244