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Jul 23, 2010 03:09 PM

Loretta - new find in Newburyport, MA

We're spending 5 days in the adorable town of Newburyport, packed with charming shops and restaurants and happened upon Loretta. Only 6 months new, Loretta has all the comfort and homeyness of a restaurant/bar of a place that's been around for years. The locals seem to like it as much as the tourists. The small but comfy bar has a welcoming jar of pineapple slices steeping in vodka. You MUST have one of Lynn's pineapple martini creations - UNBELIEVABLE! Pair that with the Holy Guacamole, the Vietnamese Rolls, or the Tomato Caprese and you're off to a good start.

They specialize in soups and chowders and the lobster bisque was terrific.
We then had the scallop special with amazing mashed potatoes for only 9.95. They make the claim that they serve affordable dishes but don't tell them that they're charging WAY too little. :) We also liked the grilled pizza with portabellos & chevre and the burgers (with crispy rustic fries.)

For dessert we inhaled the creamy creme brule and light, fluffy lemoncini cake.

The best compliment I can give Loretta is that (in this town full of restaurants) we're going back tonight...for another pineapple martini and to try everything else!

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  1. The chef is from Raspberries in Andover that broke my heart when it closed. We've only visited Loretta once, but it was just as good as all the Raspberries food I miss.

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      Ditto on that...Raspberries is sorely missed in our office as a primo lunch option.

    2. Where in Newburyport? Where are you from?

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. This reads like a Phantom Gourmet post.