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Jul 23, 2010 02:35 PM

Suggestions for Naxos Restaurants.

We"re going to spend 5 nights there. Looking for food that is anywhere from inexpensive to upper moderate. Not looking for that 5 star experience on a Greek Isle. Thanks!

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  1. Have been in Naxos for a week in the beginning of July.

    Try the Manolis in Marangas/Plaka Beach. Nice location directly on the beach with solid greek dishes, mainly grilled and fried, avoid the cooked ones. Cheap, solid quality and big portions.

    For something different try "Axiotissa" in the road from Naxos Town to Mikri Vigla. Very nice atmosphere, a little bit upscale, the dishes here have na orient touch but still greek. Delicious tastes, prices are a little higher than Manolis but still ok. Try the homemade rakomelo (snapps with honey).

    And not forget the "Waffle house" in Naxos town or Plaka beach. Although it heards very international, here you can find very delicate tastes of icecreams with very greek ideas. For example "tsoureki" which is normally known as a bakery product or mastich & cinammon. Here you can find as icecreams and enjoy it upon a waffle. Really a must in Naxos.

    In the villages in the islands mountains you can find a lot of restaurant treasures, although some of them look at first deserted or interestless. Just leave the car and walk through the narrow streets.

    At last an advice. Acoid fish products as the mediterannean is over-fished. Try the land products of the island Naxos Graviera cheese, Lamb and goat dishes and the famous Naxos potatos.

    Have a nice stay in this beautiful island

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      Thank you. We'll try Manolis and the ice cream you mentioned.

    2. We had a small discussion about this a few years ago. The info might still be current, who knows? See: