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Jul 23, 2010 02:16 PM

If I like a 7-and-7, what else might I like?

I've recently gotten into 7-and-7s, but would like to branch out to try other whiskeys mixed in this manner. Maybe something a little less sweet? Seagram's 7 can be a little cloying to me, in a kind of Captain Morgan way, if that makes any sense.

Of course, I can appreciate a good Irish whiskey served neat (Michael Collins, Bushmill's, Redbreast, Jameson....), but I just wouldn't feel right mixing any of those fine liquors with soda.

Any suggestions? Many thanks-

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  1. "...Maybe something a little less sweet? Seagram's 7 can be a little cloying to me..."

    I think it is the soda pop, not the whiskey, making your drink sweet.

    Perhaps, you could find a less sweet brand of soft drink. There are all kinds of bottlers out there making better soft drinks with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Fever Tree makes a Bitter Lemon soda.

    Or perhaps, you could add a squeeze of lemon to your drink to balance out the sweetness of the soda pop. Personally, I don't drink 7-up or Sprite without added lemon juice. It is just too sweet for me to be refreshing.

    Or perhaps...
    you should branch into whiskey sours, if you like whiskey with lemon-lime flavors.

    Or perhaps...
    you could try rye whiskey for mixing. Rye has a more 'spicy' character than a blended whiskey. Old Overholt is a good rye brand for mixing.

    1. I sometimes like Jameson's and ginger ale. If, as Jerry says, it's the 7up that's too sweet, you might try substituting ginger ale.