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Jul 23, 2010 02:11 PM

Few hours mid day in Montreal

I'll be travelling with my family (2 kids) next week and on Thursday I'll pass through Montreal - on our way further East. We'll get there (I assume) at around 1-2:00pm...and leave probably not later than 5-5:30.
Any ideas of a nice area where we could combine a light lunch with a 1-2 hour stroll/park/avenue?
Thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. Perhaps a nice light lunch at olive et gourmando and a stroll through old montreal and the old port

    Or you could always go for a smoked meat sandwich at schwartz and from there walk two blocks west along duluth and arrive at jeane mance park and the mountain

    1. Jean Talon Market. There's lots to see and experience, especially this time of year. You can nibble at various vendors or eat at any of several caf├ęs restaurants at the market or in the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood itself is fun to prowl around. And nearby Jarry Park, while vertically challenged and lacking the country-like allure of Mount Royal, is a great place for kids to let off steam.

      Atwater Market has similar attractions, though it's much smaller, has fewer dining options and is in a somewhat less interesting neighbourhood. On the plus side, it's only a few steps away from the Lachine Canal park with opportunities aplenty for walking, boating, biking, roller blading and people watching.

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        I suppose it depends on age of children and if you want touristy things like pedalos, horse drawn carriages, various types of bicycles, such as in old montreal or just want to relax in transit. The archeology museum in old montreal is interesting for children and the science centre is right on waterfront. I would recommend Cluny on edge of old montreal, we had good lunch there recently and big tables, industrial look.
        We enjoyed a picnic in Westmount park on Sherbrooke st a couple weeks ago, in back there are ponds, little bridges,, playground for children in front, greenhouses beside library, little art exhibit in victoria hall building next door, Lots of places nearby to get picnic food such as metro grocery store on same street, 5 saisons on greene, patisserie gascogne

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          Last week BIL and I plus our babies stopped at marche atwater and bought some stuff to make sandwiches and then took the lachine bikepath to old montreal for a picnic at the old port. We left at around noon had our picnic and were back at 3. There is a place that rents bikes (and trailers for small chidren) right across the little bridge that crosses the canal infront of atwater market. If you don't want sandwich stuff, you can buy cheese and wine from the market. The bikepath is well protected from traffic and offers very nice views. we forgot to time the bike ride, but i don't think it took us longer than 20 minutesm even though i had not biked in years and he was pulling a trailler with two kids. you can bike for a longer or a shorter distance and stop to eat at a different spot or at a restaurent in the old port.

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            Thanks to all of the replies...but Jean Talon Market combined with the Jarry Park looks perfect for us!!