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Jul 23, 2010 01:41 PM

Cooking Sculpin

My farmers market (CSA) bag usually includes 2# of just caught, fresh fish. (It's a $12 add on to the regular bag, best deal in town). This week the fish is Sculpin, which I've not had in recent memory and I have no clue what the best cooking method would be for it.

This would be Pacific sculpin, and yes, I believe this is a relative of the Scorpion fish. All I know is that it's a mild tasting, firm flesh fish.

Looking for suggestions on how to cook it or recipes that would work well with it.

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  1. I've never heard of sculpin so I just Had to search. Here's a link to Chow with a description of Sculpin characteristics and cooking suggestions:

    Is it scaled, gutted and filleted? It seems as if you could treat it like any firm white fish. Here's a link to reports of various recipes for pan frying, baking etc. when Fish Wiithour a Doubt was COTM...

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      Thanks Gio, I saw the Chow post before I put this one up. It seemed to focus mostly on the Atlantic variety. I'm dealing with filets.

      Thanks for the link to the COTM thread, I missed that in my previous search

    2. Sculpin is very versatile. Cook it your favorite way.

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        Thank you monku, I was hoping that would be the case. And in this case, I think Veracruzana will work just fine.

      2. If the fish are big enough to filet, they're probably cabezon. It's the largest member of the sculpin family. I've caught more than a few of them when rockfishing. The flesh is white, mild, and delicate. Any recipe for rock cod or pacific cod will work just fine.