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Jul 23, 2010 01:24 PM

Bottarga in Rhode Island

Anyone know where I can find some? I've called Venda, Farmstead, Tony's, Whole Foods and none of them knew what it was much less carried it. The Italian Corner does sell it, but is currently out of stock.

Italian Corner
10 Boyd Ave East, Providence, RI

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  1. I don't know if they have it, but you could try Newport Specialty Food in Middletown or Sid Wainer in New Bedford (close) - also, you can always mail order it - it's good stuff!

    1. There is a great Italian market in Westerly, RI called Ritacco's. You could try there.

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        Try "Pauly Penta's" on Mineral Spring Ave in North Prov, or even "Shore's Market" on the same street. I have a feeling one of them will have it.

      2. No dice at Pauly Penta or Shores, which is shame since they are five minutes away. However, Chef a Roni in EG claims to have it, since I guess I'll be making a trip down Rt 4 today.