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Jul 23, 2010 12:43 PM

New(ish) crepe place in Royal Oak, MI

A year ago, a crepe restaurant weirdly named “What Crepe?,” opened north of 4th Street on Washington, sharing an intersection with Goodnight Gracie’s and Lily’s Seafood.

How did I miss this exquisite place for a whole year (sorry if I overlooked your reviews)?? The savory crepes are packed fat with quality fresh ingredients, and deliciously put together, judging from the Mushroom Madness Crepe (with spinach additional) I had this afternoon. It was almost a crime that I was deprived an accompanying glass of French rose; alas, their Liquor License is not yet approved, but it supposedly is soon coming.

What Crepe? is closed on Mondays and is undergoing expansion construction, which has blocked off some of the preexisting tables, so space is currently limited. Regardless, this place is cool and the employees seem happy to be working there. I’m told the owner is a local kid from Detroit Country Day Academy, who often went to Toronto for fun (I didn’t ask for details…) and took a liking the creperies there, studied the techniques and began giving things a whirl here in his hometown. Well done!

My only reservation was that only large crepes are served, and roughly for a price of $9. I could only finish half of mine. It sure would’ve been nice to have the lunchtime option of half-size for $6.95…or, to share with one of the numerous young Francophile lovelies lunching at various adjacent tables.

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  1. I wholeheartedly second this recommendation. Great food and atmosphere. Its the perfect date place!


    1. I ate there recently and thought it was pretty good too. It's in the original Cafe Muse location -- so it's a small space, very narrow, and right on the train tracks. Personally I think it's better suited for lunch than a date. Their website advertises 10% off weekday lunches for Royal Oak residents and workers, but unfortunately I forgot about that when I was there.

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        My friend turned me on to a promotion they're having. Apparently if you tag yourself in a picture through their facebook page they will give you a free plate of nutella crispies. :D

      2. I drove by yesterday and the outside patio was packed. I think I'll have to visit there one day next week.