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Jul 23, 2010 11:40 AM


A friend just gave me a large box of white peaches. Please tell me what to make with all of these peaches before they go bad!

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  1. grill them and serve with ice cream, peach tart or pie, peach jelly, or share them!

    1. A simple search for peaches on this board brought up 31 pages of great ideas...

      1. You can simply slice them off the pit and freeze them.

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        1. re: Shaw Oliver

          I find that they turn brown. Does that happen for you? I think squeezing lemon juice over would prevent it, though.

          1. re: Gio

            Hmm... no I haven't had that happen actually. I always have sprinkled sugar on them prior to freezing. I don't think I've ever had peaches oxidize the way an avocado or an apple would. Maybe the sugar has something to do with it... not sure.

            The sugar is to help break them down a little bit so they mush together. Obviously these peaches are used for ice cream toppings, smoothies, etc., not used for salads or something where integrity and freshness would be key.

            1. re: Shaw Oliver

              My mother used to make and freeze a luscious peach chutney from the trees in her garden. It was wonderful to open a jar mid-Winter and taste the Summer. Sadly, I never asked her for a recipe.

        2. some suiggestions:
          -nice thread on poached peaches
          -peach slaw
          -peach chutney

          if you're inclined, please look up the stranglers and play their classic track as a theme while you work with those peaches and feel like the late great keith floyd (the first, original and unrivaled rockstar chef).

          1. white peaches do not hold up well to heat (cooking) , maybe sorbet or ice?