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Jul 23, 2010 11:22 AM

Park Rd. in W. Hartford special?

Seeing the plethora of small, ethnic restaurants along Park Rd (and Farmington Ave) in W. Hartford, I was hoping for some insight as to which are the best finds without having to try them all. I love all asian and latin...really anything that is authentic and imported from other regions. Thanks!

Farmington Ave Restaurant
960 Farmington Ave, Berlin, CT 06037

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  1. I lost my bahn mi virginity (!) on Park Rd. at Kien. Gotta eat in your car or bring it home, tho'--just a storefront, no seating. Full report here:

    Used to go to the King and I for Thai with some regularity, but haven't been in the past couple of years. It's that little white house on the left if you're coming from Sisson Ave.

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    1. re: kattyeyes

      Small nit, but being from the area, I must pick it: Park Road is in West Hartford. When you cross Prospect into Hartford, it becomes Park Street. Both are full of great places to eat, of course.

      1. re: ratbuddy

        Hey, no problem, you're absolutely right. My bad. To clarify, both my suggestions above are Hartford, not West Hartford; Park Street, not Park Road. But they are Asian and good finds in my book!

        1. re: ratbuddy

          Thanks for clarifying. You being from the area, could you post your favorites?

          1. re: stevemac

            Honestly I haven't tried many of the smaller places. Los Adobes is next on my list. Plan B and Chengdu are hard to stay away from.

            Los Adobes
            169 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119

      2. When I was living in CT, it was a Friday ritual to get a Park Lane Special at Park Lane Pizza. They have Greek style pizza crust, which is thicker and crunchy - yum! I was also partial to the Thick Coffee Milkshakes at A.C. Petersens :)

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        1. re: krisrishere

          Sorry, I skipped over the "ethnic" portion of the post. Is that "I love Eggrolls" restaurant still on Park Road or am I dating myself?

          1. re: krisrishere

            It's Eggroll Express and I Love Sushi. Last I knew they were still open, but the food was simply horrible.

            I Love Sushi
            278 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119

            Eggroll Express
            278 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119

        2. Pho 88 is incredible. Try the bun ( noodle) dishes with grilled meats. Awesome as is there avocado shake.

          Pho 88
          1270 Westford St, Lowell, MA 01851

          1. Let's see...I think I can cover quite a few of the places on Park Road for you.
            Skip: AC Petersens. I'm not at all a fan of this place even though it's been around for many year and through many owners and the location has wonderful potential.
            Try: Park Lane Pizza for some very good Greek Style Pizza. Sadly Barb's Pizza (across the street from it) appears to have recently closed.
            Quaker Diner rocks. They're only open until 1 or 2pm though (7 days a week)/
            I love Plan B Burger Bar and enjoy that they have quite a few non-beef burger options (including lobster roll sliders and cheese fondue, two of my favorites).
            Los Adobes is quite good and authentic. They even have Mexican Coke in bottles (which I believe isn't easy to find).
            I also like India Oven.

            Three places across the Hartford Line that I really dig are:
            Tinkers Seafood (inexpensive seafood shack type food and they also have a fresh fish market). I love Tinkers!
            Lena's Pizza/Sully's pub-great soup, pizzas, slices and my favorite calzone in the greater Hartford area.
            O'Porto-Portugese with a great price fixe menu that I think is available daily. I loved this place and have recommended it many times.

            enjoy and post back! we'd love to hear your experiences!

            Barb's Pizza
            353 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119

            Tinkers Seafood Restaurant
            2074 Park St Ste 1, Hartford, CT 06106

            Park Lane Pizza
            337 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119

            Quaker Diner
            319 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119

            Plan B
            4 Railroad St, Simsbury, CT 06070

            Los Adobes
            169 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119

            India Oven
            280 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119

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            1. re: masha bousha

              Park Lane is good pizza, but the prices are way outta whack IMHO. South Main Pizza and Elmwood pizza both have similar food for much less money, last I checked.

              I also think they're dummies for parking employee/owner cars on the patio rather than having some tables out there, but that's up to them..

              Other than that, is Taqueria Tavern any good?

              South Main Pizza Restaurant
              137 S Main St, West Hartford, CT 06107

              1. re: masha bousha

                I think Barb's is moving, not sure where...

              2. It's not a restaurant, but a market and I only know it as the "Laos Store" because that's what my Lao best friend calls it. It's right next to Tinkers and O' Porto. They have fabulous food goods with some already prepared items. My favorite things to get there is the famous sticky rice, along with some beef jerky that just needs to be quickly fried in some oil.