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Stand Out Vietnamese Place in Montreal?

Or what is the best one? I love and cook alot of Vietnamese food and am always wanting to be blown away.

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  1. My fiancé is Vietnamese and his two favorites are:

    Restaurant Hoai Huong
    5485 Avenue Victoria, Montréal, QC, Canada
    (514) 738-6610‎


    Restaurant Pho Tay Ho
    6414 Rue Saint Denis,
    Montreal, Quebec H2S 2R7, Canada‎ - (514) 273-5627‎

    We are always (and I do mean always) looking for new suggestions and places to try. Looking forward to seeing other people's opinions.

    Restaurant Hoai Huong
    5485 Av Victoria, Montreal, QC H3W2P9, CA

    Restaurant Pho Tay Ho
    6414 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2S2R7, CA

    1. Banh Xeo Minh is worth adding to this list too

      1. I absolutely love this place called Lyla on Jean-Talon near Parc Avenue. The food is really good, always fresh and inexpensive. There was a write-up about them in the Gazette a while back. There's even a Karaoke machine there for those of you looking for dinner and a show.

        1. I'll add another one. Kieu Anh is Northern Vietnamese. Everything there is very good and the service is very friendly.

          Kieu Anh Restaurant‎
          7491 Rue Saint Denis
          (514) 270-2179‎

          And if you like Bánh bao, go check out My Tien on the plaza. I have only ever eaten there once and thought it was alright, but I've bought banh bao there a few times and really liked them alot.

          Restaurant My-Tien
          6670 Rue St Hubert
          (514) 495-6555

          Kieu Anh Restaurant
          7491 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2R2E5, CA

          1. I haven't eaten at a ton of different Vietnamese places, but I was really impressed with Nhu Y on Jean-Talon, near Clark. A while back I had a delicious whole fish (sorry - can't remember what kind), and a delicate chicken ginger chicken stir-fry. The lady who served was extremely nice and friendly.

            Restaurant Nhu Y
            134 Rue Jean-Talon W, Montreal, QC H2R2X1, CA

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              I second this rec. Service is great, food excellent and lovely presentation and it is a BYOB.

            2. My vietnamese friend says Y-Lan on St-Denis is very authentic and good.

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                I've heard similar things, but I have yet try the place.

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                  I have also heard good about it, and haven't tried it either. Note: it is directly opposite Pho Tay Ho, southeast corner of St-Denis and Beaubien:
                  Y Lan 6425, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC, H2S 2R8 514-495-3812

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                    Just wanted to note that I passed by Y Lan today and they had a big sign out saying they were now a byow. (Dunno about beer; you'd have to ask).

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                      I walked past Y Lan.

                      It isn't as fancy as Pho Tay Ho across the street, but looks clean and presentable. There were patrons inside. Several interesting choices on the "chef's suggestions" back page of the menu. They also had the Vietnamese carpaccio; probably a smaller serving than at Pho Tay Ho, given the lower price. And the Vietnamese crêpe.

                      The smaller sign in the window does say "apporter votre vin ou votre bière", so you can take beer too.

                  2. re: hungryann

                    Did they say what to get? I tried several of their dishes, but that was about 4-5 years ago maybe. I had forgotten about them, until you mentioned they're opposite Pho Tay Ho.

                    1. re: BLM

                      No she said we should go together to get the good stuff...I'm still waiting for her to take me.

                    2. re: hungryann

                      Three of us ate there last week. At least half the patrons were Vietnamese people, other than that I think people from the neighbourhood. The sizzling fish is very tasty, the crêpe presented with lots of tasty nutritious greens. Since it is a byow, it makes for an economical evening out, and I'll be going back with a small gang so we can share more things.

                      I still think Pho Tay Ho has the edge, but it is considerably more expensive, all told. But Y-Lan is definitely good value for the money. The SAQ Sélection at the corner of Beaubien and St-André is a couple of minutes' walk from there.

                      I'd suggest this as an alternative for people unhappy with La Merveille du Vietnam; it isn't really very far away.

                    3. You have to try
                      Pho Tay Ho
                      6414, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, Quebec H2S 2R7, Canada
                      You have to try the raw lemon-marinated beef- Bò Tái Chanh, as an appetizer 9$

                      They have great Bún chả ( grilled pork platter with a mountain of fresh herbs and 'bun' rice noodles served with a crazy delicious dipping sauce)- ask for an extra 5$ 'la lop' beef 19$

                      In addition to the Bún chả, you should try the Chả cá (turmeric fried fish with fresh dill) it has to be eaten with the 'mam tom' dipping sauce 15$

                      It is enough food to feed 4, so about 43$, not bad!

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                        Pho tay ho got average pho, but they have the best Bun Cha in the city.

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                          The Bò Tái Chanh at L'Harmonie d'Asie is way better than Pho Tay Ho's

                          1. re: VikPham

                            Will check it out next time I'm in Mtl. Thanks!

                          2. re: hypomyces

                            Thanks so much for this recommendation. This was a fantastic, unique experience. The mountains of thai basil, sprouts, cilantro, lettuce, mint, etc. that come with any of these meals lead to a complete feeding frenzy. Any one of these platters pretty much can feed two people, and the flavors and textures are outstanding.

                            Restaurant Pho Tay Ho
                            6414 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2S2R7, CA

                          3. My favourite is
                            La Saigonaise
                            5711 Cote des Neiges (corner Cote St. Catherine).

                            Had a tamarind soup there tonight that was amazing! The owner is very personable and often makes suggestions for us. We have never been disappointed! Check out their website to view the extensive menu.

                            La Saigonaise
                            Montreal, Montreal, QC H3S 1Y7, CA

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                            1. re: Finners

                              Indeed, La Saigonaise is a nice place. Their Tonkinese soup is pretty good, but I prefer the pho at Pho lien (right above). The Saigonaise Special soup is very nice though, unique taste and great broth in my opinion. There's also a selection of Thai specialties in the menu, all at good prices.

                              This is a small place, where the owner is indeed very welcoming. He was the only one waiting the tables when I went (which doesn't mean slow service, btw).

                              I'm not that familiar with Vietnamese food, so I haven't tried that much (I do plan on doing so, no worries), but if you're in the neighborhood, no reason to shy away from this restaurant.

                              La Saigonaise
                              Montreal, Montreal, QC H3S 1Y7, CA

                            2. -L'Harmonie d'asie [65 Duluth E] has authentic vietnamese food. It's a small bring your own wine place. The service is long however it is worth the wait! you should try their Bo Tai Chanh (vietnamese beef carpaccio), Canh Chua (sour soup), and duck (can't remember which one I had). I also highly recommend their vietnamese dessert, che troi nuoc (rice balls with bean paste in a coconut ginger milk. This place is definitely more exotic than other vietnamese cuisine.

                              -Dao Vien [5623 cote-des-Neiges]. This place has the best Bun Oc (snail soup). Their Pho is pretty good too. I don't suggest you get their Banh Cuon (rice cake) since it's no longer as good as before.

                              -Ong Ca Cun [79 Ste-Catherine East (St-Laurent)]. I haven't been here in a really long time but I hear from my cousins that it's still really good. The only thing I can remember eating there was the Bo 7 Mon (seven courses of beef) which is eaten with rice paper. I've heard their vietnamese papaya salad (Goi) is good there too.

                              -Lan [6700 boul. saint-laurent]. The owner was the previous owner of Chez Tung close to vanhorne. The serve great vietnamese papaya salad. Although the food is not authentic, I really enjoyed the fried chicken wings with sweet chili sauce and curry mussels.

                              -Pho Lien [right at the corner of cote des neiges and cote st. catherine]. They serve Pho and Bun Bo hue (Lemon Grass vermicelli soup) and a variety of other dishes there. I prefer their Pho soup over Pho Tay Ho's. You must try their dessert, Che Ba Mau (three colored dessert/drink). This Che Ba Mau is the best compared to any other restaurant in montreal

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                                I'm so glad to find the Bo 7 in Montreal. I had it in San Jose a few years ago and loved it.

                                1. re: VikPham

                                  I second Dao Vien on Cote-Des-Neiges, their food is pretty good and they have very friendly staff. They also have "xuong xa hat lu" (not sure how it's spelled) it's the drink-desert that has red stuff at the bottom. I'd like to know if any other restaurant in Montreal has it on their regular menu.

                                  1. re: Catees

                                    Suong Sa Hat Luu is at common Vietnamese dessert. It has red tapioca pellets made to look like pomegranate arils from which the dessert is named. It is often served with agar-agar jelly (the Suong Sa) matchsticks with a simple syrup. Coconut milk is also added for extra mouthfeel.

                                    You can get this dessert at most Pho, Banh Mi or Vietnamese restaurants.